A week in security (Oct 11 – Oct 17) - A roundup of the previous week's most interesting security news and happenings, alongside our own content and research.
What is an .exe file? Is it the same as an executable? - What is the difference between an executable file and a file with the exe extension? And why should we handle these files with care?
Adblocker promises to blocks ads, injects them instead - Researchers uncovered an ad injection campaign based on browser extensions that promise to block advertisements. And they do.
Inside Apple: How Apple’s attitude impacts security - Apple expert Thomas Reed learned a lot about Apple's attitude to security at the Objective by the Sea security conference.
“Free Steam game” scams on TikTok are Among Us - We look at a dubious free game offer via TikTok, and explore what the site owners expect you to do in order to snag a supposed freebie.
Patch now! Microsoft fixes 71 Windows vulnerabilities in October Patch Tuesday - October 2021's Patch Tuesday includes some patches to block potentially dangerous vulnerabilities. We made a selection of the most
Ransom Disclosure Act would mandate ransomware payment reporting - The Ransom Disclosure Act would require many companies, local governments, and non-profits to disclose whenever they pay a ransomware demand.
Update now! Apple patches another privilege escalation bug in iOS and iPadOS - Apple patches the 17th zero-day in less than half a year. Get your update now!
ExpressVPN made a choice, and so did I: Lock and Code S02E19 - On Lock and Code this week, we discuss a United Arab Emirates surveillance campaign that, bizarrely, involves the CIO at ExpressVPN.

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