Browsers on iOS, iPadOS and Mac leak your browsing activity and personal identifiers - Safari 15 on macOS and all browsers on iOS and iPadOS can leak browsing information and personal information through flaw in the way the browsers use the IndexedDB API.
Mac users, update now! “Powerdir” flaw could allow attackers to spy on you - Patch now, if you haven't already, before voyeurs take advantage of Powerdir, a new bypass that removes your privacy.
Campaign launched to delay social media end-to-end encryption - It's called No Place To Hide, and they are not against E2EE. They just want kids to be safe online without compromising privacy.
Cybercriminals’ friend shut down by law enforcement - VPN provider's infrastructure has been taken down by international law enforcement authorities after it was found to be servicing cybercriminals.
Why we don’t patch, with Jess Dodson: Lock and Code S03E02 - On Lock and Code this week, we speak with security professional Jess Dodson about why patching is so difficult for so many organizations.
Nintendo warns of imitation websites and suspicious hardware - We look at a warning Nintendo has released, steering consumers away from imitation websites selling potentially dubious hardware.
Infamous dark net carding site UniCC to close - The largest stolen credit card site on the dark web just closed shop for good.
REvil ransomware gang busted by Russian Federal Security Service - Russia's Federal Security Service raided the homes of 14 suspected members of the REvil ransomware gang and arrested 8 of them.
A week in security (January 10 – 16) - The most important and interesting security stories from the last seven days.

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