5 ways to avoid being catfished - Before dining over catfish this National Catfish Day, remember another catfish that's also captured the public's attention.
Cybersecurity agencies: You don’t have to delete PowerShell to secure it - International cybersecurity authorities have published a Cybersecurity Information Sheet on making it harder to abuse PowerShell
Conti ransomware group’s pulse stops, but did it fake its own death? - The leak site essential to the operation of Conti ransomware has disappeared, but everything may not be as it appears.
Dial 311 for… cybersecurity emergencies? - Cybersecurity experts want a hotline for SMBs to further encourage cyber incident reporting, especially those involving ransomware attacks.
Rogue cryptocurrency billboards go phishing for wallets - We take a look at reports of rogue cryptocurrency billboards out to phish wallet details from unwary victims.
Police seize and dismantle massive phishing operation - Europol, the Belgian police, and the Dutch police, have apprehended members of a cybercriminal gang involved in phishing and other fraud.
MEGA claims it can’t decrypt your files. But someone’s managed to… - Swiss researchers debunked MEGA's claims that anyone that would be able to take over MEGA's infrastructure would still not have access to your information and files.
7-Zip gets Mark of the Web feature, increases protection for users - Popular zipfile program 7-Zip now supports Microsoft's Mark of the Web feature. What is it, and how does it work?
Watch out for the email that says “You have a new voicemail!” - An email campaign lures users with a voicemail notification to enter their Office 365 credentials on a fake login page.

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