Chaos in a cup: When ransomware creeps into your smart coffee maker - This International Coffee Day, we looked at coffee machines that helped bring down a network of systems. Who would've guessed?
VideoBytes: Twitter gets hacked! - Today, we're talking about the Twitter hack, in which 130 high-profile accounts, like those belonging to Barack Obama and Elon Musk, were accessed.
Introducing VideoBytes, by Malwarebytes Labs - This week, we’re launching VideoBytes, a new video series featuring research from Adam Kujawa, security evangelist and a director for Malwarebytes Labs.
Caught in the payment fraud net: when, not if? - Will we be stuck with payment fraud forever? Come with us as we explore what can go wrong, and why you shouldn't blame yourself if you suffer a loss.
Lock and Code S1Ep16: Investigating digital vulnerabilities with Samy Kamkar - This week on Lock and Code, we talk to Samy Kamkar, chief security officer and co-founder of Open Path, about the digital vulnerabilities in our physical world.
Taurus Project stealer now spreading via malvertising campaign - The Taurus Project stealer gains an additional distribution vector via exploit kit.
Sandbox in security: what is it, and how it relates to malware - Sandboxes and virtual machines are tools that security researchers use to determine whether samples are malicious and what their payload is.
Phishers spoof reliable cybersecurity training company to garner clicks - In a recent campaign, phishers were seen taking advantage of user trust on KnowBe4 and stealing their work email credentials.
A week in security (September 14 – 20) - A round up of cybersecurity news from September 14 – 20, including the Zerologon exploit, BLURtooth vulnerability, APT41, and phishing scams.

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