How to deactivate or delete your Facebook account - If you want to take a break from Facebook temporarily or delete your account permanently, we provide the instructions on how to do either.
Cloud vs on premise: 3 reasons the Cloud is winning - Many US organizations are migrating from in-house, on-premises solutions to the Cloud. We look at what's driving the Cloud's ascendency.
How a Resident Evil image leaked in a ransomware attack ended up in the middle of $12m copyright claim - We look at a bizarre unintended consequence arising from a ransomware attack on game developer Capcom last November.
Russia accused of hacking Dutch police during MH17 investigation - Journalists in the Netherlands suspect that Russian group APT29 (Cozy Bear) breached Dutch Police systems looking for information about MH17.
How to clear cookies - Step by step instructions for clearing cookies on the most popular desktop and mobile browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari.
Microsoft fixes seven zero-days, including two PuzzleMaker targets, Google fixes serious Android flaw - A great many patches from different vendors have been released in the June security updates for Microsoft, Android, SAP, Cisco, and Adobe.
TrickBot indictment reveals the scale and complexity of organized cybercrime - We look at what recent charges against one of TrickBot's authors tell us about what we're up against. It's not good.
800 arrests after police dupe crime groups into using backdoored phones - International law enforcement created a wildly popular encrypted messaging service for criminals. And then they listened in.
DOJ recovers pipeline ransom, signals more aggressive approach to cybercrime - The US Department of Justice announced Monday that it recovered much of the ransomware payment that Colonial Pipeline paid to Darkside.

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