Do Chromebooks need  antivirus protection? - You may have heard that installing a Chromebook antivirus program is unnecessary. We take a look at the Chromebook's security features and weigh in on whether that's true.
New Mac ransomware spreading through piracy - We analyze a new Mac ransomware that appears to encrypt user files with a bit of a time delay.
Bluetooth beacons: one free privacy debate with your next order - We take a look at Bluetooth beacons and their role behind the scenes in many real-world marketing campaigns—whether you're aware of it or not.
A week in security (June 22 – 28) - A roundup of cybersecurity news from June 22 – 28, inlcuding a zero day guide, tax season tips, and web skimmers using image files.
The face of tomorrow’s cybercrime: Deepfake ransomware explained - Deepfake ransomware is a mighty combination that several security experts fear would happen soon. But what is it exactly? Is it deepfake with a ransomware twist? Or ransomware with a sprinkling of deepfake tech?
Web skimmer hides within EXIF metadata, exfiltrates credit cards via image files - This credit card skimmer hides in plain sight, quite literally, as it resides inside the metadata of image files.
Coughing in the face of scammers: security tips for the 2020 tax season - In spite of everything happening in the world, taxes are due in the US. Here are some tips to protect your personal info during this unusually taxing tax season.
A zero-day guide for 2020: Recent attacks and advanced preventive techniques - Zero-day vulnerabilities—and their potential, related attacks—can drive any security team mad. Here's how you can bulk up your defenses.
Lock and Code S1Ep9: Strengthening and forgetting passwords with Matt Davey and Kyle Swank - On Lock and Code, we talk to Matt Davey and Kyle Swank of 1Password about secure passwords, alternatives to passwords, and the future—and potential death—of passwords.

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