How social media platforms mine personal data for profit - We explore some of the ways social media use personal data to fuel advertising and keep the profits flowing.
GDPR: An impact around the world - Two years after GDPR became effective in the European Union, countries across the world have emulated its approach to data privacy. Here's a look at a few.
Important tips for safe online shopping post COVID-19 - Online shopping can be convenient, especially during a total lockdown. But shopping online in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis brings with it other dangers. Here's what to watch out for.
Lock and Code S1Ep3: Dishing on data privacy with Adam Kujawa - This week on the Lock and Code podcast, we talk with Labs director Adam Kujawa about the state of data privacy today, plus cover the security headlines of the week, including coronavirus scams, credit card skimmers, and more coronavirus.
Coronavirus Bitcoin scam promises “millions” working from home - We look at a set of Coronavirus Bitcoin scam emails promising vast sums of cryptocash that can be made working from home—but drains users accounts instead.
Consumerization: a better way to answer cybersecurity challenges - Malwarebytes CPO Akshay Bhargava explains why the consumerization of IT security—consumer-grade ease of use, plus enterprise security expertise—can meet the cybersecurity challenges of today.
Criminals hack Tupperware website with credit card skimmer - This latest hack from Magecart threat actors was well planned and executed.
Windows 7 is EOL: What next? - Windows 7 is EOL, meaning it's reached the end of its lifecycle. It's time to move on to a more secure OS—but that doesn't mean you no longer need security software.
Fake “Corona Antivirus” distributes BlackNET remote administration tool - Beware of fraudulent antivirus products taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis.

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