3 tips to top up your privacy - Improving your privacy online isn't rocket science. Here are three simple, practical, and sensible steps you can take on Data Privacy Day.
Why Data Privacy Day matters - For Data Privacy Day this year, Malwarebytes explains why data privacy matters for everyone, because privacy is core to a safer Internet.
Why Data Privacy Day matters: A Lock and Code special with Mozilla, DuckDuckGo, and EFF - For Data Privacy Day, Lock and Code returns with a special episode featuring guests from Mozilla, DuckDuckGo, and EFF
Pow! Emotet’s down. Is it out? - The the world's most dangerous malware has suffered a serious blow in a coordinated strike by multiple law enforcement agencies.
Google FLoC puts ad trackers on a cookie-free diet - Browsers are phasing out third-party cookies. Google needs a cookie replacement that respects your privacy, fast. Is FLoC the answer?
A week in security (January 18 – January 24) - An action-packed week on Malwarebytes Labs with ZeroLogon, DNSPooq, WhatsApp privacy, Tiktok settings, Zoom watermarking, and more.
Chrome wants to make your passwords stronger - We take a look at the latest password security feature in version 88 of the Google Chrome web browser.
Are TikTok’s new settings enough to keep kids safe? - TikTok is becoming more popular with adults. We look at how this changes things for the kids, and what TikTok is  doing about it.
DNSpooq bugs haunt dnsmasq - If there's something strange in your DNS cache, who you gonna call?

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