Hundreds of counterfeit online shoe stores injected with credit card skimmer - A Magecart credit card skimmer was found injected into hundreds of counterfeit, brand-name shoe stores—a one-two punch of victimization for users first duped with fake goods then stripped of their personal data.
Please don’t buy this: smart doorbells - This holiday season, please reconsider buying smart doorbells to protect your online shipments. The cybersecurity and privacy risks are too severe.
A week in security (December 2 – December 8) - A roundup of the previous week's security blogs and other news, including a new ransomware, an explanation of containerization, fixing leaky buckets, jewelry heists, and more.
Fake Elder Scrolls Online developers go phishing on PlayStation - We take a look at a pressure-filled phishing attempt sent to players of the Elder Scrolls Online video game.
Report: Organizations remain vulnerable to increasing insider threats - The risk and challenges insider threats pose to organizations are ever present, even before tech as we know it existed. The age of digitization only made it higher and far-reaching. How has insider threats evolved over time? Where are we now in terms of mitigating insider threat risk? Are businesses really doing something about it? We answer such questions—and more—in this post.
Explained: What is containerization? - Containerization is gaining traction as a method to improve consistency, portability, and scalability without the investments required for virtualization. But is it secure?
There’s an app for that: web skimmers found on PaaS Heroku - Cybercriminals are abusing platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud provider Heroku to build web skimming apps and steal customer data.
New version of IcedID Trojan uses steganographic payloads - We take a deep dive into the IcedID Trojan, describing the new payloads of this advanced malware.
A week in security (November 25 – December 1) - A roundup of cybersecurity news from November 25 – December 1, including the concept of

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