A week in security (September 14 – 20) - A round up of cybersecurity news from September 14 – 20, including the Zerologon exploit, BLURtooth vulnerability, APT41, and phishing scams.
Is domain name abuse something companies should worry about? - Should you worry about domain name abuse? For the most part it depends on what kind of company you are and what you expect to encounter.
Charities and the advertising industry: data ecosystems and privacy risks - We take a look at a study which dives into the connection between popular UK based charity organisations and tracking, Real Time Bidding, and data analysis
Fintech industry developments, differences between Europe and the US - The developments in fintech differ between regions due to legislation. How does that effect the industry and the safety of their customers?
Lock and Code S1Ep15: Safely using Google Chrome Extensions with Pieter Arntz - This week on Lock and Code, we talk to Pieter Arntz, malware intelligence researcher for Malwarebytes, about Google Chrome extensions.
The informed voter’s guide to election cyberthreats - One of the most important elections in history will take place in less than two months. What election cyberthreats should voters be aware of to help ensure their vote counts?
Report: Pandemic caused significant shift in buyer appetite in the dark web - The pandemic has had a ripple effect on all facets of life—even the criminal. A new report looks at how the dark web has changed post COVID.
Malvertising campaigns come back in full swing - Threat actors monetize on adult traffic in several large malvertising campaigns.
A week in security (August 31 – September 6) - A round up of the previous week's most interesting security news and happenings.

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