OSX.XLoader hides little except its main purpose: What we learned in the installation process - We dig into OSX.XLoader, also known as X Loader, which is the latest threat to macOS that bears some similarities to novice malware.
A week in security (July 19 – July 25) - A roundup of the previous week's breaking information security news and happenings, dated July 19 through July 25.
AvosLocker enters the ransomware scene, asks for partners - We examine AvosLocker, a new ransomware aiming to grow into the coveted big game hunting space.
CNA legal filings lift the curtain on a Phoenix CryptoLocker ransomware attack - According to CNA, the attack started when an employee downloaded a fake browser from a legitimate website.
Busted! Fraud-as-a-Service gang that sold 2FA-proof phishing arrested - Dutch police arrested members of a group calling themselves the Fraud Family for developing and selling phishing panels.
5 years for swatter who caused a man’s death for a Twitter handle - We look at the history of doxing and swatting, and talk about the most recent awful example of someone losing their life to this tactic.
Millions of Windows machines affected by ancient printer vulnerability - A vulnerability in laser printer drivers for Windows has been lying dormant for 16 years.
Pegasus spyware has been here for years. We must stop ignoring it - The Pegasus Project revealed deeply concerning surveillance campaigns against activists and journalists. It's time for us to act.
The life and death of the ZeuS Trojan - ZeuS is an infamous banking Trojan that infected millions of systems, and stole billions of dollars.

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