Shady scam bots trick Omegle users into nonconsensual video sex recordings - A BBC investigation has highlighted the use of Virtual Cam Whores (VCWs) on Omegle by scammers.
Patch now! NSA, CISA, and FBI warn of Russian intelligence exploiting 5 vulnerabilities - US intelligence and law enforcement agencies have issued a joint advisory  listing 5 specific vulnerabilities being used by the SVR against the US and its allies.
Deepfakes were going to change everything. And then they didn’t - Deepfakes are out there, but they aren't where many people expected them to be.
Chrome users, here’s how to opt out of the Google FLoC trial - Google's FLoC trial will change how millions of users are tracked online. Here's how to find out if you're part of the trial, and how to opt out.
“Huge upsurge” in DDoS attacks during pandemic - A new report by Netscout sets yet out another way in which why 2020 was a record-breaking year for for all the wrong reasons.
Malwarebytes releases SMB Cybersecurity Trust & Confidence Report 2021 - We spoke with 704 CIOs, IT directors, sysadmins, decision makers, and heads of security from small- to medium-sized businesses. What did we find?
FBI shuts down malware on hundreds of Exchange servers, opens Pandora’s box - The FBI has accessed hundreds of compromised Exchange servers and deleted web shells placed there by attackers, without asking their admins.
Update now! Chrome needs patching against two in-the-wild exploits - Google has issued an update including two critical security fixes that were fast, but not quite fast enough.
Ransomware disrupts food supply chain, Exchange exploitation suspected - The disruption of food logistics company shows how the target isn't the only victim of a successful ransomware attack.

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