Spear-phishing now targets employees outside the finance and executive teams, report says - Employees in
Microsoft provides more mitigation instructions for the PetitPotam attack - Almost a week after the release of a PoC for PetitPotam, Microsoft has revised the mitigation details to thwart the attack.
Crimea “manifesto” deploys VBA Rat using double attack vectors - A Crimean
BlackMatter, a new ransomware group, claims link to DarkSide, REvil - BlackMatter is only one of a handful of new ransomware variants that started its operations not long ago.
The Olympics: a timeline of scams, hacks, and malware - We look at a history of malware, hacks, phishes, bogus mobile apps, and more targeting the Olympic Games going back to 1996
UDP Technology IP Camera firmware vulnerabilities allow for attacker to achieve root - Researchers found 11 vulnerabilities in IP camera firmware, but the vendor refused to work with them. As a result users are left wondering whether their camera's can be taken over remotely.
Kaseya Unitrends has unpatched vulnerabilities that could help attackers expand a breach - Kaseya Unitrends, another service offered by Kaseya, includes a newly-discovered vulnerability. It's not as bad as Kaseya VSA's flaws.
The Clubhouse database “breach” is likely a non-breach. Here’s why. - 3.8 billion phone numbers were reportedly leaked from Clubhouse's secret database. They're just random numbers though.
OSX.XLoader hides little except its main purpose: What we learned in the installation process - We dig into OSX.XLoader, also known as X Loader, which is the latest threat to macOS that bears some similarities to novice malware.

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