FragAttack: New Wi-Fi vulnerabilities that affect… basically everything - A researcher has uncovered a set of vulnerabilities in the way Wi-Fi and connected devices handle data packet fragmentation and aggregation.
Threat spotlight: DarkSide, the ransomware used in the Colonial Pipeline attack - A look at the infamous DarkSide ransomware—the malware that attacked the USA's biggest fuel pipeline—and the people that operate it.
Get patching! Wormable Windows flaw headlines Patch Tuesday - This month's Microsoft Patch Tuesday announcement includes fixes for four Critical bugs and 51 other flaws.
Colonial Pipeline attack expected to trigger imminent hardening of cybersecurity rules for federal agencies - Colonial Pipeline's ransomware attack caused the White House to possibly refine a planned Executive Order on cybersecurity.
Avaddon ransomware campaign prompts warnings from FBI, ACSC - ACSC and the FBI have issued warnings about an uptick in attacks using Ransom.Avaddon ransomware.
Alleviating ransomware’s legal headaches with Jake Bernstein: Lock and Code S02E08 - This week on Lock and Code, we speak to cybersecurity and privacy attorney Jake Bernstein about ransomware attacks that can cause legal peril.
Ransomware attack shuts down Colonial Pipeline fuel supply - Ransomware has struck a massive blow against the US, taking down its largest fuel supply pipeline at the weekend.
A week in security (May 3 – 9) - A roundup of the previous week's most interesting security stories alongside the very best of our own research, from May 3 to May 9.
Millions put at risk by old, out of date routers - Testing from Which? reveals many homes in the UK are using routers that can't receive security updates.

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