Chrome wants to make your passwords stronger - We take a look at the latest password security feature in version 88 of the Google Chrome web browser.
Are TikTok’s new settings enough to keep kids safe? - TikTok is becoming more popular with adults. We look at how this changes things for the kids, and what TikTok is  doing about it.
DNSpooq bugs haunt dnsmasq - If there's something strange in your DNS cache, who you gonna call?
Zoom watermarking: pros and cons - We dig into the problems and possibilities of video call metadata.
The story of ZeroLogon - ZeroLogon is a treasure for cybercriminals, an ongoing struggle for Microsoft, and a headache for everyone caught in the middle.
Malwarebytes targeted by Nation State Actor implicated in SolarWinds breach. Evidence suggests abuse of privileged access to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure environments - A nation state attack leveraging software from SolarWinds has caused a ripple effect throughout the security industry, impacting multiple organizations.
What’s up with WhatsApp’s privacy policy? - WhatsApp has been in the news after a change to its privacy policy. We look at what this means for you as a WhatsApp user.
A week in security (January 11 – January 17) - A roundup of the past week's breaking security news, from January 11 to January 17th.
MSPs, have you picked the right PSA for you yet? - For MSPs to stay relevant and in business they must innovate and automate. A PSA can help MSPs do just that.

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