FIN7 sysadmin behind “billions in damage” gets 10 years - Fedir Hladyr is considered the mastermind behind the Carbanak campaign that stole $900 million from financial institutions and others.
CodeCov supply-chain compromise likened to SolarWinds attack - A sophisticated supply-chain attack on CodeCov appears to have given attackers access to
Interview with a bug bounty hunter: Youssef Sammouda - Youssef Sammouda is a bug bounty hunter with 100 resolved Facebook reports to his name. We interviewed him about his amazing work.
A week in security (April 12 – 18) - A roundup of the previous week's security news, from April 12 to 18.
Lazarus APT conceals malicious code within BMP image to drop its RAT - The North Korean APT uses a clever technique to bypass security products by embedding one of its payload as a BMP image.
Shady scam bots trick Omegle users into nonconsensual video sex recordings - A BBC investigation has highlighted the use of Virtual Cam Whores (VCWs) on Omegle by scammers.
Patch now! NSA, CISA, and FBI warn of Russian intelligence exploiting 5 vulnerabilities - US intelligence and law enforcement agencies have issued a joint advisory  listing 5 specific vulnerabilities being used by the SVR against the US and its allies.
Deepfakes were going to change everything. And then they didn’t - Deepfakes are out there, but they aren't where many people expected them to be.
Chrome users, here’s how to opt out of the Google FLoC trial - Google's FLoC trial will change how millions of users are tracked online. Here's how to find out if you're part of the trial, and how to opt out.

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