Millions of Chrome users quietly added to Google’s FLoC pilot - Google promised that its third-party cookie replacement—called FLoC—will preserve user privacy. Its trial calls that into question.
Cryptomining containers caught coining cryptocurrency covertly - Research has uncovered 30 compromised images in 10 different Docker Hub accounts, representing over 20 million pulls.
Zoom zero-day discovery makes calls safer, hackers $200,000 richer - White hat hackers have demonstrated a Remote Code Execution attack against Zoom at the Pwn2Own event.
SAP warns of malicious activity targeting unpatched systems - A jointly-released report from Onapsis and SAP has warned that cybercriminals are taking advantage of a failure to patch.
Fake Trezor app steals more than $1 million worth of crypto coins - Several users of Trezor, a small hardware device that acts as a cryptocurrency wallet, have lost fortunes after being duped by a phishing app.
A deep dive into Saint Bot, a new downloader - Saint Bot is a downloader that has been used to drop stealers. We take a deep look at it and its accompanying panel.
Pre-installed auto installer threat found on Android mobile devices in Germany - Gigaset mobile devices contain an Update app which is a pre-installed system app infected with Android/PUP.Riskware.Autoins.Redstone.
Aurora campaign: Attacking Azerbaijan using multiple RATs - We identified a new Python-based RAT targeting Azerbaijan from the same threat actor we profiled a month ago.
Has Facebook leaked your phone number? - A giant collection of personal information from an old Facebook data leak has emerged. Find out why it matters and what you can do about it.

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