DEF CON 27 retrospective: badge life redux - Learn about one of our researcher's badge experiences at DEF CON 27.
Magecart criminals caught stealing with their poker face on - This blog post details the curious case of a web skimmer encountered in a poker application.
A week in security (August 12 – 18) - A roundup of the most interesting cybersecurity news stories from August 12 to 18, including a deep dive into facial recognition technology, swatting dangers, social engineering attacks on cities, and more.
How much personalization is too much? - Personalization is the new mantra of marketers—and most people are perfectly okay with that. But when does personalization cross the line into invasive? And what can uncomfortable consumers do about blocking it?
QxSearch hijacker fakes failed installs - QxSearch is a group of search hijackers that try to make the user think the install failed or was incomplete. Is it that they don't want to be found and removed? Or just bad programming?
The Hidden Bee infection chain, part 1: the stegano pack - The Hidden Bee cryptominer has a complex and multi-layered internal structure that is unusual among cybercrime toolkits. That's why we're dedicating a series of posts to exploring its elements and updates made during one year of its evolution.
Trojans, ransomware dominate 2018–2019 education threat landscape - Trojans such as Emotet and TrickBot were the top threat for the education sector in the 2018–2019 school year. What threats will the new school year bring?
Data and device security for domestic abuse survivors - Many domestic abuse survivors need help before stalkerware strikes. Here, we give basic advice on device security and protecting sensitive data.
A week in security (August 5 – 11) - The latest cybersecurity news for the week of August 5–11. We touch on problematic backdoors, the grim possibility of the Internet of Thoughts, and smart home improvement. We also released a retrospective report on ransomware.

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