Meet Extenbro, a new DNS-changer Trojan protecting adware - We found a new Trojan that uses aggressive techniques, including blocking access to security sites, to deliver an adware bundler. Read up on what Extenbro can do and how to get this pest off your system.
A week in security (July 8 – 14) - A roundup of cybersecurity news from July 8–14, including secure data sending, federal data privacy law, the Soft Cell attack, and more.
Cellular networks under fire from Soft Cell attacks - We break down the recently revealed attacks on telco operators around the globe, targeting specific high-value individuals.
Caution: Misuse of security tools can turn against you - If not implemented correctly, the very security tools we use to keep our information private may actually cause data leaks themselves. We outline a few cases and provide suggestions for researchers and security admins.
What should a US federal data privacy law ideally include? - What do small, privacy-protective companies think about a federal data privacy law for the US? It turns out, they're all for it. Here are some of their ideas for US data privacy legislation.
Enterprise incident response: getting ahead of the wave - As with traditional warfare, beating back attacks and winning depends on having a plan. Here are several incident respond models security researchers have developed for responding to threats.
How to securely send your personal information - On its own, email is not safe for sending credit card or passport numbers. Here's how to securely send personal information over the Internet.
A week in security (July 1 – 7) - A roundup of cybersecurity news from July 1-7, including stalkerware, Bitcoin generators, app permissions, Chinese spyware, some giant leaks, and a new malware attack method.
Steer clear of Bitcoin Cash generators - We take a look at a number of sites claiming to offer free Bitcoin Cash money.

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