Two Google plans that could make open source code more secure - Google has announced projects to ensure the integrity of open source supply chains, and to bring the Rust language to the Linux kernel
Polazert Trojan using poisoned Google Search results to spread - The threat actors behind Trojan.Polazert are using keyword-stuffed PDF files to rank high in search results and attract new victims.
The 6 best Chrome extensions for privacy and security - Want to improve Chrome's privacy and security but can't tell the good extensions from the bad? We're here to help.
Clop stopped? Ransomware gang loses Tesla and other treasures in police raid - Clop ransomware activity was stopped by Ukrainian cops on Wednesday who shut down the ransomware gang's infrastructure and made arrests.
Jail for consultant who scraped colossal trove of Alibaba customer data - A baffling number of data points gathered by Alibaba were siphoned off by a marketing consultant to help other customers.
Twitter takes aim at the chaos, clutter and trolls with new feature concepts - We look at some potential changes to the Twitter platform, designed to reduce clutter in your replies and remove trolls to boot.
Windows 10 to retire in four years (or 52 Patch Tuesdays, in sysadmin years) - Microsoft plans to terminate support for Windows 10 Home and Pro on 14 October 2025, a decade after the original Windows 10 was brought to market.
Patch now! Apple fixes in-the-wild iPhone vulnerabilities - Apple has patched two vulnerabilities in the WebKit browser rendering engine that are being used in the wild against older devices.
Another one bites the dust: Avaddon ransomware group shuts down operation - The gang behind Avaddon has shut down its operations after releasing more than 2,000 decryption keys to BleepingComputer.

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