FBI shuts down malware on hundreds of Exchange servers, opens Pandora’s box - The FBI has accessed hundreds of compromised Exchange servers and deleted web shells placed there by attackers, without asking their admins.
Update now! Chrome needs patching against two in-the-wild exploits - Google has issued an update including two critical security fixes that were fast, but not quite fast enough.
Ransomware disrupts food supply chain, Exchange exploitation suspected - The disruption of food logistics company shows how the target isn't the only victim of a successful ransomware attack.
NAME:WRECK, a potential IoT trainwreck - Researchers have discovered 9 vulnerabilities in popular TCP/IP stacks that could affect 100 Million or more devices.
Sorry, Joe Biden isn’t offering you a work visa, it’s a scam - Bogus e-visa promotions are being posted to social media. Here are the telltale signs that indicate you're looking at a scam.
How ransomware gangs are connected, sharing resources and tactics - New research by Analyst1 sheds light on the cooperation between some of the ransomware gangs dominating the cybersecurity news.
How bitcoin payments unmasked a man who hired a Dark Web contract killer - Bitcoin isn't anonymous and the Dark Web isn't as dark as you think.
Beating security fatigue with Troy Hunt, Chloé Messdaghi, and Tanya Janca: Lock and Code S02E06 - This week on Lock and Code, we speak to three cybersecurity experts—Troy Hunt, Chloé Messdaghi, and Tanya Janca—about security fatigue.
Millions of Chrome users quietly added to Google’s FLoC pilot - Google promised that its third-party cookie replacement—called FLoC—will preserve user privacy. Its trial calls that into question.

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