Malwarebiter – Biting down on you

UPDATE: As of 1/28, the Facebook page for Malwarebiter appears to have been deleted. Overview A few days ago Malwarebytes Intelligence Analyst Adam Kujawa released a Cyber-Threat Advisory on a fairly new anti-malware product on the web called “Malwarebiter”.  This product grabbed our attention because of its similar name to Malwarebytes.  

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URGENT: Malwarebytes mimic site ‘Malwarebiter(dot)com’ hosts fake anti-malware product and spreads malware. ACTION: Do NOT visit ‘Malwarebiter(dot)com‘ unless you are using a secured environment (i.e. Virtual Machine or Sandbox)

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Cyber Threats in 2012: Looking Both Ways

2012 was a dangerous year, packed with threats such as Drive-by exploits, Ransomware, phishing scams and state-sponsored malware.  Those who payed attention stayed safe by using anti-malware solutions combined with safe surfing practices and other defensive software.  However many people did not and unfortunately, millions of them became victims of cyber-crime.  Now that we have…

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Zero-Day Java vulnerability wreaks havoc on computers worldwide

Update (1/14/2013) Oracle has issued an emergency patch to be shipped with version 7 update 11. While we are pleased to see a quick turnaround time, we stand by our initial recommendations to disable Java in your browser. This is still the most exploited piece of software and whether it is patched or not still unnecessarily puts you…

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CTA: Unpatched Java Exploit in the Wild

URGENT: New Java Exploit being used to infect Updated Users. ACTION: Disable Java Browser Plugin using: DETAILS: As of yesterday, a new Java exploit has been developed and released to the cyber-crime community. It is currently in the wild and being used to distribute malware such as the Reveton Ransomware.

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