Law Against Cookies

In May  2011 the European Union changed the law that covers the use of electronic communications networks to store information, e.g. using cookies, or gain access to information stored in the terminal equipment of a subscriber or user. One year later, in May 2012 the law was updated in the sense that implied consent was…

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Malwarebytes and BSides San Francisco

For many years now, computer security conferences have been a common way for researchers, hackers, and security experts to meet and discuss the latest industry developments.  In addition to the security talks, these conferences offer training courses, certifications, and other special challenges.

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Q&A about ransomware featuring Eric Freyssinet

This week I am talking with Eric Freyssinet, head of a national cybercrime investigative unit in France. We discuss ransomware and cyber crime in general from a researcher/law enforcement point of view. There are several initiatives in place to educate end users about these threats and also how to get rid of them without forking…

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CTA: New Adobe Zero-Day

URGENT: A few days ago a new zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader had surfaced.  Details below are on Adobe’s blog.

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Text Popups

What is a text popup? A text popup is a link that opens a popup box containing advertisements, usually prompted by a mouse-over. Where do they come from? As a moderator on a few forums and as an amateur web-designer, I often get complaints from people asking me to remove the annoying text popups or…

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