Android as a Service, “Verify Apps” for Gingerbread and Up

Last week, Google started rolling out an updated version of Jelly Bean, which has some new features. Some are covered here by our Josh Cannell. However, what’s most interesting to me are the updates to Google Play Services and how it could impact the Android ecosystem in a positive way. Google Play Services, an Android…

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Malwarebytes @ DEFCON

While lots of fun and very informative, DEFCON can also be a dangerous place and if you plan on going this week, we are also giving you some tips on how to keep your money and info safe — though we can’t protect you against losing at poker.

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SMS Scams: How To Defend Yourself

Cyber-crooks are spamming through every avenue they can, hoping to lure their victims into revealing personal information or tricking them with scam SMS text messages.

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How to encrypt files and folders

Encrypting files and folders is a way to protect them from unwanted access. Although modern Windows versions do have built-in options to store files in an encrypted format on your hard disk, you may be looking for another option.

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Hacking Cars, Subverting Onboard Computers in Modern Vehicles

As motor vehicles advance technologically, they incorporate more and more computers, hacking cars isn’t all that far fetched.

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