Vulnerability Bounty Hunting In Action

Last week, security researcher Roy Castillo posted a recount of interactions with Facebook about a bug that he had found. Will bug bounty hunting become the norm?

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How to encrypt your email

Given recent worries about data-leaks and other privacy issues, it might be handy to have some tools to make it harder for third parties to unravel your data. One such method is encryption.

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Apple’s OS X FBI Ransomware Goes Global

Further customizations of the Mac ransom pages discovered today shows the bad guys are busy updating their templates for each country’s police force.

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Bi-Directional Trickery, (╯°□°)╯︵ oןɹ

Malware authors are known to try various obfuscation techniques in order to hide their malware. The Unicode Right-to-Left trick (RLO), which has been known for quite some time, has been reported again by security firm F-Secure, showing its resurgence.

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New App Fixes Bluebox Android Vulnerability, But Requires Root

Google was quick to fix their Android master key flaw, but Android’s fragmented update model across several OEMs is leaving most users unprotected. You can take it in your own hands to fix this but it will require rooting your phone.

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