Is John McAfee making a comeback in the security industry?

He certainly is eccentric, but software pioneer John McAfee could be making a comeback in the security field with the announcement of his new company Future Tense.

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In computers, are random numbers really random?

Computers do not work easily with truly random numbers and it pays off to understand how pseudo-random numbers are used and created.

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Lock-Unlock, Biometric adventures, part 2

A follow-up on the updated SignWave Unlock Free by Battelle for Leap Motion on Windows and the new Mac version.

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New Solarbot Malware Debuts, Creator Publicly Advertising

A new botnet known publicly as “solarbot” has been making its rounds, according to a report from ESET. Image:ESET In their writeup, ESET analysts explain that solarbot(which they refer to as Win32/Napolar) is capable of: Denial of Service (DOS) attacks Behave as a SOCKS proxy server Stealing information from web forms

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Rogue iMessage Chat Client Found in Play Store

Google removed the app iMessage Chat for Android from the Play Store yesterday after discovering it’s not exactly what it claims to be.

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