Potentially Unwanted Miners – Toolbar Peddlers Use Your System To Make BTC

Potentially Unwanted Programs take the low road and steal users resources by installing Bitcoin Miners without their knowledge.

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TeamSpeak’s Brazilian forum compromised, redirects to malware

Malwarebytes finds an exploit in the Brazilian forum for TeamSpeak, a popular software among avid video game players.

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Stuxnet: new light through old windows

A lesser known (and almost bypassed) version of Stuxnet shines new light on its attackers intentions and cyber arm capabilities.

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Gmail Security Flaw Allows for Password Theft

A new vulnerability in Gmail allows for password theft of Google accounts.

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Snoopy LG, smart TV spies on you.

A blogger reported his LG smart TV spying on him, under the guise of better targeted advertising shown on the dashboard of his LG smart TV.

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