SBA phishing scams: from malware to advanced social engineering - SBA loan scams continue to make the rounds targeting small business owners, CEOS, and CFOs. Learn what to look out for.
A week in security (August 3 – 9) - A roundup of cybersecurity news from August 3 – 9, including a look at business email compromises, a new data privacy bill, and the Inter skimming attack.
Inter skimming kit used in homoglyph attacks - Threat actors load credit card skimmers using a known phishing technique called homoglyph attacks.
Data Accountability and Transparency Act of 2020 looks beyond consent - The Data Accountability and Transparency Act proposes that, for American consumers, privacy shouldn't be a right you can click away.
Business email compromise: gunning for goal - We look at the latest happenings in the world of business email compromise (BEC).
Lock and Code S1Ep12: Pinpointing identity and access management’s future with Chuck Brooks - This week on Lock and Code, we talk to Chuck Brooks, adjunct professor for Georgetown University’s Applied Intelligence Program , about identity and access management technology.
Avoid these PayPal phishing emails - We cover some recent PayPal phish mails and link to anti-phish resources.
Malspam campaign caught using GuLoader after service relaunch - We discovered a spam campaign distributing GuLoader in the aftermath of the service's relaunch
Cloud workload security: Should you worry about it? - While the cloud workload is growing at a rapid pace, isn't it time to start worrying about securing it?

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