Christopher Boyd
Lead Malware Intelligence Analyst

Former Director of Research at FaceTime Security Labs. He has a very particular set of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for threats like you.

January 12, 2017 - Watch out: sponsored Tweets leading to phishing pages are doing the rounds once more. We take a look at the latest phishing scam being pushed to unsuspecting Twitter users, and show how the scammers are after a double-whammy of login credentials and credit card information.


December 13, 2016 - Memes are weird things, and weren't always about lolcats or frogs or whatever the latest terrible image macro doing the rounds happens to be. I quite like this line from Wikipedia on said subject: Proponents theorise that memes are a viral phenomenon that may evolve by natural selection...Memes that propagate less prolifically may become extinct, while others may survive, spread, and (for better or for worse) mutate. The plot of The Ring is pretty much the concept of a meme made deadly - pass on this cursed videotape within 7 days, or you die horribly. How far will you go to save yourself? Well, our old friend 2016 is here to ask that question one more time, because Ransomware authors have decided to tweak their victim's get out of jail method.


October 31, 2016 - There's been a bit of an issue with promoted Tweets on Twitter in the last few days - well, one specific promoted Tweet at any rate - in the form of a rogue phish asking for login credentials and payment information. We take a look at what the scammers have been up to, and how this scam could end up being quite successful for those involved...


October 7, 2016 - Video games! They're great, except when they're not. And in this case, a very good game is giving players some very bad experiences in the realm of "all my data is ruined". Gaming cheats cause problems for those wanting to keep their save games free from harm. We take a look at the issue, and show how to avoid getting caught up in a spot of save game ruination.


September 20, 2016 - Singers will often use inventive ways to gain attention from an audience, or even draw new fans in. One trend in pop circles seems to be gaining popularity, but it might not be the best hype train to hop aboard. What could go wrong by sending your favourite singer login credentials to have them post a cool message from your account? Quite a bit, actually...


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