Internet Safety Month: Avoiding the consequences of unsafe Internet practices - This Internet Safety Month, learn about the consequences of unsafe Internet practices, and how to avoid them.
Why you shouldn’t automate your VirusTotal uploads - Security teams use VirusTotal as a second opinion scanner, but it's not advisable to upload documents to VirusTotal as that may result in a breach of confidence and exposure of confidential data.
How to update your drivers and when you need to - Device drivers are often forgotten. This article tells you how to update drivers and goes into when you should and what to avoid.
Firefox and Chrome reaching major versions 100 may break some websites - With some of the most popular browsers reaching major versions 100, what problems can we expect because of the 3 digit version numbers?
How to speed up your computer or laptop - There are many ways to to make your computer run faster. Let's take a look.
How to share your Wi-Fi password safely - We look at ways you can securely share your Wi-Fi password, and also the perils of allowing people onto your network.
Spear phish, whale phish, regular phish: What’s the difference? - We explain the difference between regular phishing, whaling, and spear phishing, along with ways to avoid all three.
How to check for Windows updates and install them - We explain the ins and outs of Windows updates, and detail the many customisation features and settings on offer.
The importance of backing up - What are backups, why do you need them, and when should you start making them?

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