How to share your Wi-Fi password safely - We look at ways you can securely share your Wi-Fi password, and also the perils of allowing people onto your network.
Spear phish, whale phish, regular phish: What’s the difference? - We explain the difference between regular phishing, whaling, and spear phishing, along with ways to avoid all three.
How to check for Windows updates and install them - We explain the ins and outs of Windows updates, and detail the many customisation features and settings on offer.
The importance of backing up - What are backups, why do you need them, and when should you start making them?
How to remove adware on an Android phone - Is your Android phone running slowly or displaying unwanted ads often? Learn how to scan and clean adware from your Android device.
What is Twitch? - What is Twitch? We take a look at the incredibly popular streaming platform, along with some of the more common scams targeting its users.
Shrootless: Microsoft finds Apple macOS vulnerability - Shrootless is a vulnerability found in macOS that can bypass the System Integrity Protection by abusing inherited permissions.
How to delete your Snapchat account - Need a break from Snapchat, or want to leave the platform altogether? We'll walk you through how to delete your Snapchat account.
The joy of phishing your employees - Companies have been regularly phishing their employees for years, but not many employees are coming out more aware and careful of what they click. We have the reasons why.

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