2018: The year of the data breach tsunami - To get a sense of the grim state of data security today, take a look at this infographic from TruthFinder that explains why 2018 was the year of the data breach tsunami.
The data breach epidemic: no info is safe - By now it’s obvious that data security technology hasn’t kept pace with the needs of consumers. In 2017 alone, we learned about massive data breaches from major organizations like Equifax, Uber, and Verizon. In other words: We’re in the midst of a data breach epidemic.
Singles’ Day deal seekers beware - Originally a day set aside for singles in China to be proud of their singlehood, Singles’ Day has been transformed into what is arguably the world’s single largest e-commerce festival, thanks to the involvement of The Alibaba Group. In fact, the Alibaba Group alone reported $17.8 billion in sales; six times higher than what was...
Know your threats: the nine scariest malware monsters - It’s been a particularly ghoulish year in cybersecurity, from Russian hacks to ransomware outbreaks. The bad boogey man in the black hoodie has been pulling one over the collective public. It’s dark and creepy, but users refuse to stop peeking behind the door. It’s enough to make even the most grizzled IT admin run for...
The global impact of ransomware - This infographic, based on the results of an Osterman Research report, shows how cybercriminals' ramped up ransomware efforts have had a stunning global impact on businesses.
Malvertising and ransomware: the Bonnie and Clyde of advanced threats - Malvertising and ransomware. A match made in hell. In this infographic, you'll learn more about the destruction left in their wake and what businesses can do to protect against them.
How to protect your business from ransomware - Ransomware is as pervasive as it is dangerous. Learn how to protect your business from ransomware with this infographic.
How your business can avoid potentially unwanted programs - We’ve come up with a PUPs cheat sheet that businesses can use to train IT staff and users. A little PUPs awareness, if you will. Read on to learn more about how you get PUPs,
Why layered security is important - As a business owner or IT administrator, protecting your data is a top priority—and for good reason. Corrupted or lost files resulting from malware infection can cost your company millions in time, resources, and cold, hard cash. Increases in the severity of malware attacks, vulnerabilities in networks and software applications, and uninformed users raise the...

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