Some Android users can disable 2G now and why that is a good thing - Google's added a feature to allow Android users to disable the insecure 2G. This is a good first step in the right direction but more is needed.
Have you downloaded that Android malware from the Play Store lately? - Hopefully not, because these Android malware families that have recently plagued the Store are quite sophisticated and nasty.
Improving security for mobile devices: CISA issues guides - CISA has released actionable guides with advice on how to improve security for mobile devices, both for consumers and organizations.
SoNot SoSafe: Android malware disguises itself as secure messaging app - SoSafe Chat, promoted as a secure messaging app for Android, is actually GravityRAT, a piece of malicious software that is known to spy on people and steal their data.
SharkBot Android banking Trojan cleans users out - Researchers have found a new Android banking Trojan that has frightening capabilities. It uses Automatic Transfer Systems (ATS) to transfer your funds away.
Android Trojan GriftHorse, the gift horse you definitely should look in the mouth - The GriftHorse Android Trojan is a widespread campaign with millions of victims in over 70 countries.
Watch out! Android Flubot spyware is spreading fast - Notorious Android spyware Flubot is spreading via messages about missed deliveries.
Pre-installed auto installer threat found on Android mobile devices in Germany - Gigaset mobile devices contain an Update app which is a pre-installed system app infected with Android/PUP.Riskware.Autoins.Redstone.
Who is to blame for the malicious Barcode Scanner that got on the Google Play store? - LavaBird claims it was not them who is responsible for uploading malicious versions of Barcode Scanner, but an account named The space team.

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