Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence ban slammed for failing to address “vast abuse potential” - A proposal to ban and restrict several uses of AI met fierce opposition from several digital rights advocates in Europe.
Mother charged with using deepfakes to shame daughter’s cheerleading rivals - Court records reveal that Raffaela Spone's daughter has no idea her mother has been harassing members of her cheerleading squad.
Facial recognition: tech giants take a step back - Some of the big players in the field of facial recognition announced they will not provide their technology to law enforcement while there is no governing law.
Deepfakes laws and proposals flood US - In a rare example of legislative haste, roughly one dozen state and federal bills were introduced in the past 12 months to regulate deepfakes, the relatively modern technology that some fear could upend democracy.
Rules on deepfakes take hold in the US - Rather than creating new policies or crimes for deepfakes—like making it illegal to use them to deceive—the NDAA seeks a better understanding to the burgeoning technology.
How brain-machine interface (BMI) technology could create an Internet of Thoughts - Several companies are developing brain-machine interface (BMI) technologies for medical applications in the near future. Will this lead to connecting the human brain to the cloud, creating an Internet of Thoughts? Or will practical, ethical, and security concerns stop progress.
Labs report: Malicious AI is coming—is the security world ready? - Malwarebytes Labs' latest report looks at the near-future reality of malicious artificial intelligence (AI), evaluating how the technology is being used today, and how it realistically might be abused in the next few years.

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