Most people aren’t upgrading to Windows 11: Not the end of the world - Uptake on Windows 11 is apparently very low. We take a look at some of the reasons for this, and why it might not be such a bad thing.
New law will issue bans, fines for using default passwords on smart devices - The UK government has just introduced new law to protect consumers from internet-connected smart devices that use default passwords.
A bug is about to confuse a lot of computers by turning back time 20 years - Marty, watch out!
Making better cybersecurity training: Q&A with Malwarebytes expert Kelsey Prichard - Malwarebytes cybersecurity training expert Kelsey Prichard talks about how she develops smart, engaging trainings in this Q&A.
What special needs kids need to stay safe online - Special needs children can use the Internet safely every day with the right encouragement, guidance, tailored lessons, and gamification.
Does Cybersecurity Awareness Month actually improve security? - It's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month again (yes, already). Do we really need another one?
Facebook’s own research reveals the harm that Instagram can inflict - Reporting by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has lifted the lid on Facebook's own research into the harm that Instagram can do to young users.
Parts of the Dark Web “awash” with school children’s personal data - Over 1,000 US schools have been attacked by ransomware and had their data published on the Dark Web this year according to NBC news.
FBI warns of ransomware threat to food and agriculture - One of our most critical supply chains is in the sights of cybercriminals.

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