A decade in cybersecurity fails: the top breaches, threats, and ‘whoopsies’ of the 2010s - As the 2010s come to a close, we take a snarky walk down memory lane, listing the craziest, most impactful, or simply just awful cybersecurity fails of the decade.
Report: Organizations remain vulnerable to increasing insider threats - The risk and challenges insider threats pose to organizations are ever present, even before tech as we know it existed. The age of digitization only made it higher and far-reaching. How has insider threats evolved over time? Where are we now in terms of mitigating insider threat risk? Are businesses really doing something about it? We answer such questions—and more—in this post.
As Internet turns 50, more risks and possibilities emerge - The world as we know it changed on October 29, 1969, the day the Internet was born. 50 years later, it's both ubiquitous and full of potential—and risks.
When can we get rid of passwords for good? - Passwords are a burden and security risk, especially when used as a single authentication method. Can we get rid of passwords once and for all? We list alternative authentication methods and discuss their pros and cons.
Europol: Ransomware remains top threat in IOCTA report - The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, or Europol, just released its annual Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) report. We highlight their key findings and remind readers how to better protect themselves.
Bluetooth vulnerability can be exploited in Key Negotiation of Bluetooth (KNOB) attacks - Researchers called it KNOB, a clever attack against the firmware of a Bluetooth chip that can allow hackers to successfully hijack paired devices and steal their sensitive data. Are users at risk?
How to get your Equifax money and stay safe doing it - Equifax has been ordered to pay at least $650 million in relation to its enormous 2017 data breach. Users who were affected might be eligible for a claim. But watch out for scams!
Hi, honey. It’s mom. My phone is acting funny again. - Often, older generations must turn to their progenitors for help with technology. What are their frustrations and concerns, and how can younger generations better help?
Cooperating apps and automatic permissions are setting you up for failure - Apps that cooperate and share permissions might seem convenient, but are they worth the security and privacy risk?

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