Facebook’s own research reveals the harm that Instagram can inflict - Reporting by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has lifted the lid on Facebook's own research into the harm that Instagram can do to young users.
Parts of the Dark Web “awash” with school children’s personal data - Over 1,000 US schools have been attacked by ransomware and had their data published on the Dark Web this year according to NBC news.
FBI warns of ransomware threat to food and agriculture - One of our most critical supply chains is in the sights of cybercriminals.
Google Play sign-ins can be abused to track another person’s movements - We tried to help somebody install an app on an Android phone and stumbled on a way to track them instead.
US government and private sector agree to invest time, money in cybersecurity - The Biden Administration and private sector leaders announced some major initiatives to bolster cybersecurity.
Criminals exploited weak checks and old tech to pull off vast COVID benefit fraud - Where there are COVID benefits, there are fraudsters. Lots and lots of fraudsters.
The 3 biggest threats reaching for your antivirus software’s off switch - Your antivirus is the most important security program on your computer, which is why everyone wants to turn it off.
The Clubhouse database “breach” is likely a non-breach. Here’s why. - 3.8 billion phone numbers were reportedly leaked from Clubhouse's secret database. They're just random numbers though.
Second colossal LinkedIn “breach” in 3 months, almost all users affected - A huge bundle of 700 million user records apparently scraped from LinkedIn via an API has appeared online.

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