When contractors attack: two years in jail for vengeful IT admin - An IT contractor has been handed a two year jail term after he deleted over 80% of his client's Microsoft Office 365 accounts.
FBI warns of increase in PYSA ransomware attacks targeting education - Big-game ransomware, PYSA (AKA Mespinoza) is targeting educational institutions in the US and UK.
5 common VPN myths busted - We cut through some popular misunderstandings about VPNs.
International Women’s Day: Women in tech name their heroes - Today, we remember some of the heroes who made a positive difference to some of the women who work at Malwarebytes.
Omegle investigation raises new concerns for kids’ safety - A BBC investigation into the popular text and video chat site Omegle found some disturbing things.
North Korean hackers charged with $1.3 billion of cyberheists - Three members of North Korea's Reconnaissance General Bureau where charged for WannaCry, the Sony Pictures hack, and many other cybercrimes.
Clubhouse under scrutiny for sending data to Chinese servers - The audio-chat app Clubhouse is the latest rage in the social media landscape. What is it, and can we trust it?
Yandex sysadmin caught selling access to email accounts - Yandex, dubbed the
Android emulator abused to introduce malware onto PCs - Attackers have compromised the software distribution system of BigNox, developer of a popular Android emulator for PCs and Macs.

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