Sysrv botnet is out to mine Monero on your Windows and Linux servers - The Sysrv botnet has been developing over the last years, and has become a multi-platform botnet that specializes in Monero cryptomining.
Zloader, another botnet, bites the dust - The Zloader botnet is a malware as a service provider for a few notorious ransomware gangs. But now it has taken a serious blow to its infrastructure.
Successful operations against Russian Sandworm and Strontium groups targeting Ukraine revealed - Two announcements in two days detail operations against GRU-controlled infrastructure
Largest DDoS attack ever reported gets hoovered up by Cloudflare - Botnets DDoS attacks are enormous, So is Cloudflare.
Check your passwords! Synology NAS devices under attack from StealthWorker - Synology is warning users of its NAS devices to beware of brute force attacks from the StealthWorker botnet.
LemonDuck no longer settles for breadcrumbs - LemonDuck is a versatile botnet that has expanded from infecting targets with cryptominers to more malicious malware.
Emotet malspam campaign uses Snowden’s new book as lure - Emotet starts a new week of malicious spam by promising a copy of Edward Snowden's new book.
Emotet is back: botnet springs back to life with new spam campaign - After months of laying dormant, the notorious Emotet is back, with its botnet spewing spam globally.

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