What role does data destruction play in cybersecurity? - Organizations are keen to protect the personal data of their employees and customers from cyberattack. But what about the data they no longer need? We discuss why data destruction is just as important to cybersecurity as protection.
When corporate communications look like a phish - Before organizations engage in gnashing of teeth over the
5 simple steps to securing your remote employees - Modern businesses require modern cybersecurity, and modern cybersecurity means more than just implementing the latest tech. It also means implementing good governance.
Making the case: How to get the board to invest in higher education cybersecurity - CISOs working in institutions of higher learning have their own considerations when communicating with the board about risk management. One of the top security officials at Boston College offers his takeaway on what it takes to get board buy-in on campus.
Making the case: How to get the board to invest in government cybersecurity - CISOs are increasingly tapped to communicate with the board and executive management about security. Here’s what government officials need to know for success.
Enterprise incident response: getting ahead of the wave - As with traditional warfare, beating back attacks and winning depends on having a plan. Here are several incident respond models security researchers have developed for responding to threats.

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