Why MITRE matters to SMBs - The latest MITRE ATT&CK results can guide any SMB into finding a cybersecurity product that works best for them.
Denonia cryptominer is first malware to target AWS Lambda - There is now malware in serverless environments. Dubbed Denonia, it specifically targets the AWS Lambda to perform cryptojacking.
White House urges US businesses: Protect against potential Russian cyberattacks - The US Administration has yet again called out business leaders to strengthen their defenses against a cyberattack from Russia.
Windows 10 to retire in four years (or 52 Patch Tuesdays, in sysadmin years) - Microsoft plans to terminate support for Windows 10 Home and Pro on 14 October 2025, a decade after the original Windows 10 was brought to market.
Cloud vs on premises: 3 reasons the Cloud is winning - Many US organizations are migrating from in-house, on-premises solutions to the Cloud. We look at what's driving the Cloud's ascendency.
Report reveals the staggering scale of Business Email Compromise losses - A new report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), shows that businesses lost $1.8 billion to BEC scams in 2020.
MSPs, have you picked the right PSA for you yet? - For MSPs to stay relevant and in business they must innovate and automate. A PSA can help MSPs do just that.
Healthcare security update: death by ransomware, what’s next? - Cybersecurity in the healthcare industry has always been a pain point. With a ransomware attack leading to a fatal victim we have reached a new low. What can we do to cure this problem?
Is domain name abuse something companies should worry about? - Should you worry about domain name abuse? For the most part it depends on what kind of company you are and what you expect to encounter.

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