MSPs, know what you’re really looking for in an RMM platform - When ransomware targeting MSPs began making headlines, things started to change. This also made MSPs assess their current RMM platform and, should they decide to switch, change the criteria of what to look out for when finding “the right” vendor. We have 5 considerations for you.
RemoteSec: achieving on-prem security levels with cloud-based remote teams - Times are quickly changing and many teams are scrambling to embrace a shift to remote work. How will security protocols change? Time to move from on-prem to RemoteSec.
Securing the MSP: best practices for vetting cybersecurity vendors - How do you spot the unicorn cybersecurity vendors amongst the bad apples? We show MSPs the ins and outs of vendor vetting.
5 tips for building an effective security operations center (SOC) - A security operations center (SOC) can significantly improve an organization's security posture, but it's not a perfect solution and can be challenging to implement. Read on to learn how to clear hurdles and build an effective SOC team.
Not us, YOU: vendor email compromise explained - Vendor email compromise (VEC) is a new cybersecurity term for a familiar practice, taken to the thousandth degree. Learn the similarities with business email compromise and how your organization can protect against them both.
SMBs lack resources to defend against cyberattacks, plus pay more in the aftermath - We take a look at the top challenges and threats to SMBs today, and recommend ways they can easily shore up their defenses.
Pulse VPN patched their vulnerability, but businesses are trailing behind - After a vulnerability in a popular business VPN solutions was discussed at length and an easy to use exploit is availbale, organizations still fail to apply the patch. What's up?
Why all organizations must better protect sensitive data - The truth is that companies, businesses, and organizations have an obligation to the data that belongs to their employees, users, and customers. For some organizations, that obligation is a matter of real, physical safety.
Securing the managed service provider (MSP) - Managed service providers (MSPs) have become the target of attacks, as lack of aggressive security posturing has left them—and the high-value data of their clients—vulnerable. Learn how MSPs can secure against a rising tide of threats.

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