Millions of Chrome users quietly added to Google’s FLoC pilot - Google promised that its third-party cookie replacement—called FLoC—will preserve user privacy. Its trial calls that into question.
Android “System Update” malware steals photos, videos, GPS location - A new Android malware can swipe images and video, rifle through online searches, and record phone calls and video. But is it stalkerware?
Software renewal scammers unmasked - In our latest investigation we unmask a group of scammers behind the software renewal phishing campaign.
Teen behind 2020 Twitter hack pleads guilty - The teen behind the Twitter hack of 2020 pleaded guilty to several charges as part of a deal in which he will serve three years in prison.
21 million free VPN users’ data exposed - Recent VPN data leaks and breaches highlight the importance—and difficulty—of fully trusting a VPN provider. Here are tips on who to trust.
Malvertising campaign on PornHub and other top adult brands exposes users to tech support scams - PornHub, RedTube and several other top adult sites have been showing visitors fake popup warnings leading to tech support scams.
Credit card skimmer piggybacks on Magento 1 hacking spree - It's double trouble for Magento 1 sites when skimmers find themselves competing for resources.
Pow! Emotet’s down. Is it out? - The world's most dangerous malware has suffered a serious blow in a coordinated strike by multiple law enforcement agencies.
Emotet returns just in time for Christmas - Guess who's back right for the holidays? Emotet of course.

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