Freedom Hosting operator gets 27 years for hosting Dark Web child abuse sites - Eric Eoin Marques' service hosted hundreds of sites containing more than eight million images of child sexual abuse.
Ransomware scammers target artists with fake Krita revenue deals - Ransomware authors are targeting artists with bogus collaboration deals, and booby-trapped zipfiles. Here's what to watch out for.
COVID-19 vaccine appointment system attacked in Italy - The vaccine appointment system of the Lazio region in Italy was brought down by a cyber-attack. Was it a ransomware attack or sabotage?
UPDATED: Kaseya hijacked, thousands attacked by REvil, fix delayed again - A reported, severe ransomware attack against Kaseya VSA means the safest, quickest option is to shutdown Kaseya VSA servers now.
Police seize DoubleVPN data, servers, and domain - DoubleVPN, a VPN service that promised to double- and triple-encrypt web activity, was seized after allegedly being favored for cybercrime.
TrickBot indictment reveals the scale and complexity of organized cybercrime - We look at what recent charges against one of TrickBot's authors tell us about what we're up against. It's not good.
Cybercrime, fraud, and insider threats increased in 2020 in the UK, report says - The National Crime Agency's latest report shows that cybercrime surged in 2020 due to lockdowns, the pandemic, and Brexit.
Bizarro: a banking Trojan full of nasty tricks - Unfortunately for you, Bizarro malware is a banking Trojan that comes with a bag of tricks and a versatile backdoor.
Newly observed PHP-based skimmer shows ongoing Magecart Group 12 activity - This skimmer is using a hybrid approach to bypass detection and target vulnerable e-commerce websites.

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