Caught in the payment fraud net: when, not if? - Will we be stuck with payment fraud forever? Come with us as we explore what can go wrong, and why you shouldn't blame yourself if you suffer a loss.
Report: Pandemic caused significant shift in buyer appetite in the dark web - The pandemic has had a ripple effect on all facets of life—even the criminal. A new report looks at how the dark web has changed post COVID.
Missing person scams: what to watch out for - Missing person alerts can be a prime source of inspiration for scammers looking to turn a quick buck. We explore some of the techniques used to further ill-gotten gains.
Avoid these PayPal phishing emails - We cover some recent PayPal phish mails and link to anti-phish resources.
How exposed are you to cybercrime? - measures exposure to cybercrime by weighing risk of cyberattack against an organization's security preparedness. How exposed are you?
End of line: supporting IoT in the home - Warranties which may not warranty, certificates which might fail to certify, lifespans which don’t match the length of cover promised. This could be IoT.
A brief history of video game saves and data modification - We look at a history of saving game data in video games, and how it usually provides modders and hackers with the best chance of tampering with game data.
Sodinokibi drops greatest hits collection, and crime is the secret ingredient - A major legal firm has been attacked by the Sodinokibi gang. What happened?
Cybersecurity and the economy: when recession strikes - Could a recession brought on by the current COVID-19 pandemic cause an increase in cybercrime? Did cybercrime increase during the recession of 2009? Or is this just too complex a subject to pin down one way or the other?

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