DDoS-for-hire service provider jailed - Matthew Gatrel has been found guilty of three counts of computer-related crime. His partner in crime, Juan
Record breaking HTTPS DDoS attack - The number and power of DDoS attacks keep growing at an incredible rate year over year. Recently a new HTTPS DDoS attack record was broken.
Email compromise leads to healthcare data breach at Kaiser Permanente - We take a look at the latest healthcare breach, an email compromise of a healthcare employee and explore the fallout.
Karakurt extortion group: Threat profile - An obscure group called Karakurt has extorted organizations in the US and elsewhere. Know how to keep it away from your network.
Threat profile: RansomHouse makes extortion work without ransomware - RansomHouse, a new extortion group, distances itself from ransomware. However, it seems like it had ties to ransomware groups in the past.
Emotet fixes bug in code, resumes spam campaign - Emotet is back with a new spam campaign. And it's now spreading itself as a shortcut link file pretending to be Word document.
Apple’s child safety features are coming to a Messages app near you - Apple will soon be rolling out its promised child safety features in the Messages app for users in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK
Globant suffers network breach due to LAPSUS$ compromise - LAPSUS$ is a young group believed to be ran by teenagers. In its latest heist, it has leaked data from Globant, a software firm.
A new rootkit comes to an ATM near you - CAKETAP is a new rootkit that can run on ATM switch servers—and its not alone in its ATM attacks.

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