Software engineer hacked webcams to spy on girls—Here’s how to protect yourself - Yes, hackers can and will use your webcams against you if they see an opportunity. Don't let them.
The Facebook Pixel Hunt aims to unravel Facebook’s tracking methods. Will you join? - Mozilla has partnered with The Markup in a study called The Facebook Pixel Hunt to unravel Facebook’s tracking infrastructure.
Attackers are mailing USB sticks to drop ransomware on victims’ computers - We look at an FBI alert warning businesses to be wary of too-good-to-be-true USB sticks sent their way, bundled with malware.
Microsoft disrupts China-based hacking group Nickel - Microsoft has been allowed to take control of 42 web domains that belonged to Chinese hacking group Nickel aka APT15
Is Apple’s Safari browser the last, best hope for web privacy? - Apple's
We dig into the Game Players Code - We take a look at some new tips designed to keep younger gamers safe and see what can be added to make them even more informative.
“Killware”: Is it just as bad as it sounds? -
Freedom Hosting operator gets 27 years for hosting Dark Web child abuse sites - Eric Eoin Marques' service hosted hundreds of sites containing more than eight million images of child sexual abuse.
Ransomware scammers target artists with fake Krita revenue deals - Ransomware authors are targeting artists with bogus collaboration deals, and booby-trapped zipfiles. Here's what to watch out for.

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