Dark Souls servers taken offline over hacking fears - We look at an exploit used to invade gaming sessions of Dark Souls, leading to PvP servers being taken offline.
Newly observed PHP-based skimmer shows ongoing Magecart Group 12 activity - This skimmer is using a hybrid approach to bypass detection and target vulnerable e-commerce websites.
A brief history of video game saves and data modification - We look at a history of saving game data in video games, and how it usually provides modders and hackers with the best chance of tampering with game data.
Sodinokibi drops greatest hits collection, and crime is the secret ingredient - A major legal firm has been attacked by the Sodinokibi gang. What happened?
Hackers snab emails and more in Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, and MSN compromise - Hackers made use of a compromised Microsoft support agent's credentials to sneak a peek at its users' Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook emails. How bad is it, and what has Microsoft done to correct it?
Are hackers gonna hack anymore? Not if we keep reusing passwords - A look at the not-so-hacking hacker techniques attackers are using to compromise user accounts via weak passwords and gain access to enterprise networks.
Spectre, Google, and the Universal Read Gadget - A recently released paper by Google has resurrected the spirit of Spectre, a seemingly never-ending threat to most makes of processor. We take a look at what this means, and what the Universal Read Gadget means for most technology users.
Hacker destroys VFEmail service, wipes backups - A hacker managed to compromise, and entirely destroy, a popular email service and all of its backups. What happened?
The Advanced Persistent Threat files: APT10 - While security companies are getting good at analyzing the tactics of nation-state threat actors, they still struggle with placing these actions in context and making solid risk assessments. So in this series, we're going to take a look at a few APT groups, and see how they fit into the larger threat landscape—starting with APT10.

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