Emotet fixes bug in code, resumes spam campaign - Emotet is back with a new spam campaign. And it's now spreading itself as a shortcut link file pretending to be Word document.
Bizarro: a banking Trojan full of nasty tricks - Unfortunately for you, Bizarro malware is a banking Trojan that comes with a bag of tricks and a versatile backdoor.
Watch out! Android Flubot spyware is spreading fast - Notorious Android spyware Flubot is spreading via messages about missed deliveries.
Pow! Emotet’s down. Is it out? - The world's most dangerous malware has suffered a serious blow in a coordinated strike by multiple law enforcement agencies.
Emotet returns just in time for Christmas - Guess who's back right for the holidays? Emotet of course.
Keeping ransomware cash away from your business - Ransomware gangs are in the news for donating stolen funds to charitable organisations. Is this a good thing, or will it cause more trouble for the charity than it's worth?
Skimmer acts as payment service provider via rogue iframe - Even e-commerce sites that do not take payment information themselves can be abused by crooks. In this post, we show how a web skimmer is able to inject an artificial iframe into the checkout page to prompt users for their credit card information. Victims will only realize something's not right when they are redirected to the real (and external) payment form.
Sophisticated threats plague ailing healthcare industry - Black hat hackers are after patient healthcare data, and such breaches will only intensify. Which forms of malware are behind the attacks? We take a look at the advanced threats targeting a sector struggling to keep up.
Was this really an attempt by the Chinese? - What happened at Mar-a-Lago and can we attribute this possible attempt to get close to the president of the US to China?

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