What is Smishing? The 101 guide - Smishing is a combination of the words “phishing” and “SMS”, to indicate phishing sent across your mobile network in the form of a text.
Android “System Update” malware steals photos, videos, GPS location - A new Android malware can swipe images and video, rifle through online searches, and record phone calls and video. But is it stalkerware?
Mobile Menace Monday: Dark Android Q rises - The Android Q operating system is being developed with privacy and security in mind. We take a look at both, examining new features intended for giving users better control of their devices and data.
WhatsApp fix goes live after targeted attack on human rights lawyer - A fix was rolled out for a WhatsApp vulnerability, which was used to inject spyware into mobile devices and target a human rights lawyer.
Fake Instagram assistance apps found on Google Play are stealing passwords - We all want those Instagram likes and followers. But what if the app that’s supposed to be assisting you is also stealing your username and password? As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what we found in three fake Instagram assistance apps found on Google Play.
Awakening the beast: BatMobi adware - BatMobi is an Advertisement Software Developer Kit (Ad SDK) that was once clean and safe to use, but suddenly began serving adware in January. Learn more about this elusive threat, including how to clean it off pre-installed apps on mobile devices.
The new landscape of pre-installed mobile malware: malicious code within - We are now seeing malware authors target system apps that are required for mobile devices to function properly. By injecting malicious code within these necessary apps, threat actors have reshaped the landscape of pre-installed malware for the worse.
Mobile Menace Monday: Is Fuchsia OS the end of Android? - The next major Android version will be Android Q and not Android 9.1 Pie. In parallel, Google is also developing a new operating system based on its own microkernel called Fuchsia. Will this be the OS that replaces Android? Read on to find out.
Mobile Menace Monday: top five scariest mobile threats - In the spirit of this upcoming Halloween season, we thought we'd provide you with a list of the top five scariest mobile threats in our book.

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