IoT bills and guidelines: a global response - IoT laws and guidelines abound, as we take a look what's happening around the world in the name of securing Internet-connected devices.
How to protect yourself from doxing - Doxing, or collecting and spreading private information about a user online, is a form of cyber harassment, stalking, and even a potential threat to physical safety. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself against it.
Governments increasingly eye social media meltdown - It seems problems never quite go away for social media platforms, and more governments of the world are taking keen interest. Will the tech giants be able to sort things out before legislators steps into the fray?
Mysterious database exposed personal information of 80 million US households - A large database accessible online containing a huge amount of records has been found by researchers. The question is: who does it belong to, and what is it for?
Location data leaks from family tracking app database - An app called Family Locator exposed the personal information and locations of 280,000 users in real time, including children. How did this happen? And how can app developers avoid it in the future?
Researchers go hunting for Netflix’s Bandersnatch - New research from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras explains how popular Netflix interactive show Bandersnatch could fall victim to a side-channel attack and expose users' choices.
Mozilla launches Firefox Send for private file sharing - Mozilla recently launched Firefox Send, a new, secure way to share files from inside your browser. We discuss the pros and cons of this service.
Zombie email rises from grave after eight years of radio silence - What do you do when an email account you assumed was long gone comes back to life after eight years?
Australia’s Early Warning Network compromised - An Australian Early Warning System notifying subscribers of severe weather alerts was compromised over the weekend, with messages sent across a variety of formats. What did the hackers get up to? And why did they do it?

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