Millions of Chrome users quietly added to Google’s FLoC pilot - Google promised that its third-party cookie replacement—called FLoC—will preserve user privacy. Its trial calls that into question.
21 million free VPN users’ data exposed - Recent VPN data leaks and breaches highlight the importance—and difficulty—of fully trusting a VPN provider. Here are tips on who to trust.
Beware: not so festive social media scams - Social networks are rife with scams leading up to Christmas. We shine a light on some of the worst offenders.
Smart toy security: How to keep your kids safe this Christmas - IoT toys will be big sellers this festive season. We give a few ideas for improving smart toy security.
Caught in the payment fraud net: when, not if? - Will we be stuck with payment fraud forever? Come with us as we explore what can go wrong, and why you shouldn't blame yourself if you suffer a loss.
End of line: supporting IoT in the home - Warranties which may not warranty, certificates which might fail to certify, lifespans which don’t match the length of cover promised. This could be IoT.
Cybersecurity and the economy: when recession strikes - Could a recession brought on by the current COVID-19 pandemic cause an increase in cybercrime? Did cybercrime increase during the recession of 2009? Or is this just too complex a subject to pin down one way or the other?
IoT bills and guidelines: a global response - IoT laws and guidelines abound, as we take a look what's happening around the world in the name of securing Internet-connected devices.
How to protect yourself from doxing - Doxing, or collecting and spreading private information about a user online, is a form of cyber harassment, stalking, and even a potential threat to physical safety. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself against it.

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