Social engineering

Missing person scams: what to watch out for - Missing person alerts can be a prime source of inspiration for scammers looking to turn a quick buck. We explore some of the techniques used to further ill-gotten gains.
Sextortion scammers getting creative - We’ve covered sextortion before, focusing in on how the core of the threat is an exercise in trust. The threat actor behind the campaign will use whatever information available on the target that causes them to trust that the threat actor does indeed have incriminating information on them. (They don’t.) But as public awareness of...
Wall Street Market reported to have exit scammed - Users reported that Wall Street Market, a broadly-known cryptocurrency dark net market, has executed an exit scam, swindling millions from account holders in the process.
A look inside the FBI’s 2018 IC3 online crime report - The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center have released their 2018 report about online crime. Which attacks are most popular? Where are the victims located? And how much money has been lost in the process?
Electrum Bitcoin wallets under siege - Threat actors are relentlessly phishing and attacking Electrum Bitcoin wallet users, racking up millions of dollars.
Ellen DeGeneres giveaway scam spreading on social media - Scammers take aim at fans of Ellen DeGeneres with a bizarre chain of giveaways and free movie websites. Will anyone take the bait?
Sextortion Bitcoin scam makes unwelcome return - A well-worn sextortion scam is back in user's inboxes. We explain what to look for and why recipients shouldn't panic.
Movie stream ebooks gun for John Wick 3 on Kindle store - Over the weekend, we observed a clever spam campaign using bogus ebooks dressed as John Wick 3 movie files to push links to streaming sites. Can John and your ability avoid web based scams survive?
Sly criminals package ransomware with malicious ransom note - Ransomware is not dead. It’s changing—and we need to be ready for them.

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