Capcom Arcade Stadium’s record player numbers blamed on card mining - A retro game emulator suddenly found itself with hundreds of thousands of players. Is there a retro boom, or is something else going on?
What is facial recognition? - Facial recognition is a hot topic these days. What is it, how is it used, and when does it interfere with our right to privacy?
Evasive maneuvers: HTML smuggling explained - The intelligence team at Microsoft has revealed that cybercriminals are increasingly using a tactic called HTML smuggling. What is it, and why should internet users be concerned?
What is fileless malware? - What is fileless malware, and what does a fileless attack look like? Some answers.
What is an .exe file? Is it the same as an executable? - What is the difference between an executable file and a file with the exe extension? And why should we handle these files with care?
What is the Dark Web? The Dark Web explained - How is the Dark Web different from the regular internet? We unravel a few misconceptions to bring you closer to the truth.
What are SSL certificates? - SSL/TLS certificates secure communications on the Internet. So what are they, how do they work, and how do you get one?
macOS 11’s hidden security improvements - A deep dive into macOS 11's internals reveals some security surprises that deserve to be more widely known.
How to troubleshoot hardware problems that look like malware problems - Malware and hardware problems can look surprisingly similar. So what do you do when your virus scan draws a blank?

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