Why identity management matters - April 12 2022 is the second Identity Management Day. What is identity management? Why does it matter? And how do we use it to our advantage?
Blunting RDP brute-force attacks with rate limiting - Rate limiting can slow a determined password guessing attack to a crawl, giving defenders months of extra time to respond.
What is IP sniffing? - What is IP sniffing? What types are there and is it legal? What is a sniffing attack? Find your answers here.
What is a search engine and why does anyone care which one you use? - What is a search engine? How do they work? Are there any alternatives for Google? What about your privacy? And the environment?
Is your web browser vulnerable to data theft? XS-Leak explained - IT security researchers recently exposed new cross-site leak (XS-Leak) attacks against modern-day browsers. But what is XS-Leak anyway?
Capcom Arcade Stadium’s record player numbers blamed on card mining - A retro game emulator suddenly found itself with hundreds of thousands of players. Is there a retro boom, or is something else going on?
What is facial recognition? - Facial recognition is a hot topic these days. What is it, how is it used, and when does it interfere with our right to privacy?
Evasive maneuvers: HTML smuggling explained - The intelligence team at Microsoft has revealed that cybercriminals are increasingly using a tactic called HTML smuggling. What is it, and why should internet users be concerned?
What is fileless malware? - What is fileless malware, and what does a fileless attack look like? Some answers.

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