Exploits and vulnerabilities

Update now! Chrome fixes more security issues - Google has released quite a few security fixes for Chrome. Make sure you patch now!
Chrome targeted by Magnitude exploit kit - Researchers have found that the Magnitude exploit kit is testing a Chrome vulnerability in combination with a Windows vulnerability.
Patch now! Microsoft fixes 71 Windows vulnerabilities in October Patch Tuesday - October 2021's Patch Tuesday includes some patches to block potentially dangerous vulnerabilities. We made a selection of the most
Update now! Apple patches another privilege escalation bug in iOS and iPadOS - Apple patches the 17th zero-day in less than half a year. Get your update now!
[Updated, again] Apache fixes zero-day vulnerability in HTTP Server - Two vulnerabilities have been patched for Apache HTTP server. One of these vulnerabilities was exploited in the wild.
Apple Pay vulnerable to wireless pickpockets - Researchers have found a way to extract money from Apple Pay via without any user interaction.
SonicWall warns users to patch critical vulnerability “as soon as possible” - SonicWall is asking SMA 100 series customers to patch their appliances against a vulnerability that could give attackers administrator access.
Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover flaw reveals users’ passwords - Researchers were able to harvest hundreds of thousands of credentials thanks to a quirk of the Autodiscover process.
Patch now! Insecure Hikvision security cameras can be taken over remotely - Many Hikvision cameras are vulnerable to a critical, unauthenticated, remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability.

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