High school student rickrolls entire school district, and gets praised - We almost always get a not-so happily-ever-after ending when someone decides to hack an organization to show them their technological weak points. Not here.
US Navy ship Facebook page hijacked to stream video games - It may seem funny, but there are serious implications to hijacking a Facebook page.
The Olympics: a timeline of scams, hacks, and malware - We look at a history of malware, hacks, phishes, bogus mobile apps, and more targeting the Olympic Games going back to 1996
Kaseya update delayed for security reasons - Kaseya has delayed the release of the update that will allow customers to restart their VSA software so it can add additional security.
Game over: Apex Legends players locked out by protest message - Players of smash hit title Apex Legends were stopped from playing due to a protest message about... similar shenanigans in a different video game.
Interview with a bug bounty hunter: Youssef Sammouda - Youssef Sammouda is a bug bounty hunter with 100 resolved Facebook reports to his name. We interviewed him about his amazing work.
FBI shuts down malware on hundreds of Exchange servers, opens Pandora’s box - The FBI has accessed hundreds of compromised Exchange servers and deleted web shells placed there by attackers, without asking their admins.
Malicious commits found in PHP code repository: What you need to know - The PHP Git repository compromise is in the news. We break it down for you, and tell you what you need to know.
Researcher’s audacious hack demonstrates new type of supply-chain attack - Researcher Alex Birsan came up with a method to breach 35 big tech companies and earned $130,000 in bug bounties.

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