FBI shuts down malware on hundreds of Exchange servers, opens Pandora’s box - The FBI has accessed hundreds of compromised Exchange servers and deleted web shells placed there by attackers, without asking their admins.
Malicious commits found in PHP code repository: What you need to know - The PHP Git repository compromise is in the news. We break it down for you, and tell you what you need to know.
Researcher’s audacious hack demonstrates new type of supply-chain attack - Researcher Alex Birsan came up with a method to breach 35 big tech companies and earned $130,000 in bug bounties.
Hackers try to poison Florida City’s drinking water - The city of Oldsmar's water treatment plant was accessed by a still-unknown suspect, who tried to add toxic levels of sodium hydroxide to the water.
Explosive technology and 3D printers: a history of deadly devices - We look at how successful hardware hacks can damage devices—and potentially even put lives at risk.
The skinny on the Instacart breach - With the sudden popularity of grocery and pick-up services in this pandemic era, online criminals were swift to target and compromise Instacart. How did it happen?
EncroChat system eavesdropped on by law enforcement - Dutch law enforcement cracked the encryption on EncroChat, a secure messaging platform popular with criminals, and made hundreds of arrests. But is this a dangerous precedent?
Criminals hack Tupperware website with credit card skimmer - This latest hack from Magecart threat actors was well planned and executed.
Disney+ security and service issues: Here’s what we know so far - The most anticipated streaming service Disney+ officially launched early last week. And while it was met with an overwhelming influx of users, there were also a myriad of Disney+ security issues. Read on for the latest.

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