10 ways attackers gain access to networks - A joint multi-national cybersecurity advisory has revealed the top ten attack vectors most exploited by cybercriminals in order to gain access to organisation networks.
Car owners warned of another theft-enabling relay attack - We take a look at the latest report of relay attacks used to steal cars.
US healthcare billing services group hacked, affecting at least half a million individuals - Adaptive Health Integrations (AHI) has been breached. Sensitive information was accessed, but it took months to make the incident public.
Elden Ring exploit traps players in infinite death loop - We take a look at a hack affecting people in the multiplayer component of the new Souls title Elden Ring, and how players avoided it.
Meta blocks Russia-Ukraine disinformation campaigns on Facebook, Instagram - Meta says it has detected and removed two disinformation campaigns regarding the current Russia-Ukraine war.
Journalist won’t be indicted for hacking for viewing a state website’s HTML - A journalist incorrectly branded as a
Intimate photo hacker spared from jail, said he “liked the detective work” - The case of Michael Grime and his hacking escapade is the perfect example of why one should never reuse passwords.
NSO Group spyware found on iPhones of US State Department employees - iPhones of at least nine US State Department employees are said to have been hacked using the Pegasus spyware developed by the Israeli technology company, NSO Group.
Hackers all over the world are targeting Tasmania’s emergency services - The Island state of Tasmania in Australia continues to be subjected to multiple cyberattacks on its emergency services from all around the globe.

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