How to enable Facebook’s hardware key authentication for iOS and Android - Facebook is expanding its support for hardware security keys to Android and iOS users. This is how you active it.
File-sharing and cloud storage sites: How safe are they? - File-sharing and online storage are popular online services. Is it worth paying for them or can you use a free one? We look at the pitfalls and give some pointers to avoid them.
Surviving college distance learning during the pandemic: a cybersecurity guide - Students in higher education are exposed to online risks more than ever. Keep yourself secure while distance learning from home with this practical guide.
How to keep K–12 distance learners cybersecure this school year - With the pandemic in full swing, many US schools are empty, or rather, full of distance learners. How can parents make sure their kids stay secure in virtual instruction?
Website misconfigurations and other errors to avoid - Website misconfigurations can lead to hacking, malfunction, and worse. We take a look at recent mishaps and advise site owners on how to lock down their platforms.
Coughing in the face of scammers: security tips for the 2020 tax season - In spite of everything happening in the world, taxes are due in the US. Here are some tips to protect your personal info during this unusually taxing tax season.
Teaching from home might become part of every teachers’ job description - Teaching from home may soon become a part of the new normal. What do teachers have to keep in mind to pull it off? Privacy, data protection, and security.
10 best practices for MSPs to secure their clients and themselves from ransomware - For MSPs, securing themselves from ransomware is just as much a practice in securing clients.  See how to save data—and money—with these best practices.
Cloud data protection: how to secure what you store in the cloud - With robust security measures and a healthy dose of general internet safety guidelines, cloud storage can be as secure as any other option on the market.

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