150,000 Verkada security cameras hacked—to make a point - Hospitals, banks, police departments, prisons, schools, and companies like Tesla and Cloudflare are victims of an attack on Verkada.
Ubiquiti breach, and other IoT security problems - Ubiquiti informed its customers about unauthorized access to its online customer portal. Here's what you need to know.
Cybersecurity labeling scheme introduced to help users choose safe IoT devices - Several countries are introducing a cybersecurity labeling scheme to inform consumers about the security features of IoT devices and force manufacturers to improve these features.
The little-known ways mobile device sensors can be exploited by cybercriminals - Mobile device sensors offer great utility to users—from taking pictures and commanding voice assistants to determining which direction to flip your screen. However, they harbor little-known vulnerabilities that could be exploited by crafty cybercriminals.
IoT bills and guidelines: a global response - IoT laws and guidelines abound, as we take a look what's happening around the world in the name of securing Internet-connected devices.
8 ways to improve security on smart home devices - Smart home devices aren't the most secure, but they do make life more convenient. How can those who've embraced smart home tech stay as secure as possible? Here are eight ways.

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