The mystery of the Silver Sparrow Mac malware - Silver Sparrow is the first malware to include native code for Apple's new M1 chips, but why is its desired payload is blank?
Apple security hampers detection of unwanted programs - Recent moves by Apple signal a potentially difficult future on macOS, where antivirus developers will have to play by increasingly limiting rules.
Apple’s notarization process fails to protect - Apple introduced the concept of notarization to ensure any new software submitted to the App Store is malware-free. But is it all for show?
Mac ThiefQuest malware may not be ransomware after all - We discovered a new Mac malware, ThiefQuest, that appeared to be ransomware at first glance. However, once we dug in deeper, we found out its true identity—and intention.
New Mac ransomware spreading through piracy - We analyze a new Mac ransomware that appears to encrypt user files with a bit of a time delay.
iOS Mail bug allows remote zero-click attacks - A newly-discovered vulnerability in iOS Mail can be used to attack an iPhone remotely using a malicious e-mail message, even if you're running the latest version of iOS (13.4.1).
Mac adware is more sophisticated and dangerous than traditional Mac malware - Adware and PUPs can actually be far more invasive and dangerous on the Mac than
Mac threat detections on the rise in 2019 - For the first time ever, Mac threats broke into Malwarebytes' top five overall detections of 2019. Take a look at this and other telemetry that shows Mac malware is certainly on the rise.
New iOS exploit checkm8 allows permanent compromise of iPhones - A new exploit for iOS enables attackers to gain permanent access to iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and more—with zero potential for patching. Learn why this is possibly the biggest security news for iOS since its inception.

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