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A week in security (Nov 22 – Nov 28) - The most important and interesting security stories from the last seven days.
Google’s Threat Horizons report: Will the straightforward approach get results? - Google's Cybersecurity Action Team has released a report which appears to be rather straightforward. That's not necessarily a bad thing.
Beware card skimmers this Black Friday - Small and medium-sized retailers are being urged to protect their customers and profits as we plunge into the year's busiest shopping days.
Security researchers play peek-a-boo with Conti ransomware server - In the game of ransomware whack-a-mole, the mole is king. Most of the time.
New Mac malware raises more questions about Apple’s security patching - We've heard of a number of cases recently where Apple's patched a vulnerability in macOS, but not all of the vulnerable system versions. Here's another example.
Could Apple’s new MacBooks signal a change in direction on security? - It's rare for Apple to walk back changes, but in October its new line of MacBook Pros did just that.
Are cybercriminals turning away from the US and targeting Europe instead? - Are ransomware groups shifting attention to Europe? Or just expanding into new territories?
This Steam phish baits you with free Discord Nitro - There's another scam making rounds on Discord. And it's cleverly phishing for Steam credentials.
Tips to protect your data, security, and privacy from a hands-on expert - One of the hands-on experts from our forums shares their advice on how to protect your data, security, and privacy.

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