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Clop stopped? Ransomware gang loses Tesla and other treasures in police raid - Clop ransomware activity was stopped by Ukrainian cops on Wednesday who shut down the ransomware gang's infrastructure and made arrests.
Twitter takes aim at the chaos, clutter and trolls with new feature concepts - We look at some potential changes to the Twitter platform, designed to reduce clutter in your replies and remove trolls to boot.
DOJ recovers pipeline ransom, signals more aggressive approach to cybercrime - The US Department of Justice announced Monday that it recovered much of the ransomware payment that Colonial Pipeline paid to Darkside.
Security pros agree about threats—convincing everyone else is the problem - Getting leadership outside the security org to take threats seriously remains a thorny issue for security pros working at small- and medium-sized businesses.
Ransomware to be investigated like terrorism - Internal guidance from the US Attorney's office calls for a centralized approach in the fight against ransomware. Similar to the way terrorism is dealt with.
RMM software: What is it and do you need it? - What is RMM? How can MSPs use Remote Monitoring and Management software to streamline their business and improve client cybersecurity?
What is encryption? And why it matters in a VPN - Encryption hides the content of Internet traffic from unauthorized readers. We look at how it's used by VPNs.
iPhone calendar spam attacks on the rise - Whatever Apple did in 2016 to stop a rash of calendar spam was working... until recently.
Why MITRE ATT&CK matters—Choosing alert quality over quantity - MITRE Engenuity's recent evaluation could make any business reconsider its cybersecurity strategy, but they shouldn't leap to conclusions.

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