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Sorry, Joe Biden isn’t offering you a work visa, it’s a scam - Bogus e-visa promotions are being posted to social media. Here are the telltale signs that indicate you're looking at a scam.
Research claims Google Pixel phones share 20 times more data than iPhones - Researchers have tested the amount of telemetry data that Android and iPhone handhelds send home. The results may surprise you.
5G slicing vulnerability could be used in DoS attacks - Researchers have found a vulnerability in the architecture of 5G  network slicing, but what does that mean for consumers?
OVH cloud datacenter destroyed by fire - The third largest hosting provider in the world has seen its site in Strasbourg destroyed by a fire. What does it mean for you?
Microsoft Exchange attacks cause panic as criminals go shell collecting - The ProxyLogon vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange has moved from an Advanced Persistent Threat to cybercrime's new toy in record time.
Ryuk ransomware develops worm-like capability - French researchers have found a Ryuk ransomware variant that can spread laterally through an infected network.
LazyScripter: From Empire to double RAT - Our latest research on a threat actor that has similarities with #APT28 and #MuddyWater.
Clop targets execs, ransomware tactics get another new twist - Clop's targeting of executives' workstations is the latest in a string of recent innovations in ransomware.
Cybersecurity in Cyberpunk 2077: the good, the bad, and the cringeworthy - Cyberpunk 2077 features computers, hacking, viruses, and the word “cyber”. We obviously had to write about it.

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