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Why MRG-Effitas matters to SMBs - The 360° Assessment & Certification from MRG-Effitas can offer guidance to SMBs looking for a simple, effective cybersecurity product.
Call of Duty cheats can expect embarrassment with new anti-cheat feature - Call of Duty cheats can expect a whole new world of embarrassment as a new anti-cheating feature called Cloaking is introduced.
Malwarebytes Evaluation of the MITRE ENGENUITY ATT&CK Round 4 Emulations  - We believe any EDR product should strive to be easy to use out-of-the-box and without requiring advanced configuration.
MITRE ATT&CK® Evaluation results: Malwarebytes’ efficiency, delivered simply, earns high marks - The latest results from the MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation show that Malwarebytes provides simple, efficient cybersecurity.
Phishers make a date with your calendar apps - Phishers are abusing calendar apps to send people bogus links which lead to phishing pages.
Ukraine shuts down disinformation bot farm - It's reported that Ukrainian security services have shut down a bot farm that was spreading disinformation.
Valorant cheats on YouTube are actually information-stealing malware - We take a look at a YouTube spam campaign claiming to offer up Valorant cheat tools, while in reality pushing malware.
When fake dating profiles try the military approach - We look at the problems faced by people whose images and life story are misused by criminals for the purpose of romance scams.
Tips to protect your data, security, and privacy from a hands-on expert - One of the hands-on experts from our forums shares their advice on how to protect your data, security, and privacy.

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