Awful 4chan chat bot spouts racial slurs and antisemitic abuse - The creation of a foul-mouthed chat bot called GPT-4chan re-triggered the discussion about how we want to use and regulate AI and ML.
Watch out for these 3 small business cybersecurity mistakes - Get your cyberprotection on the right footing by steering clear of these three cultural pitfalls.
Apple accidentally kept some Siri recordings from iPhones, even for opted-out users - Apple’s release of iOS 15.4 beta 2 completes the fix for a bug that may have recorded interactions with Siri without permission on some devices.
The three most significant cyberattacks of 2021 - Three attacks in 2021 changed the way we think about ransomware.
Windows 10 chills out, gives sysadmins a break - Windows 10 is taking a leaf out of the Windows 11 playbook and switching to a more chill annual release cycle. Security FTW.
Microsoft, CISA and NSA offer security tools and advice, but will you take it? - Microsoft, CISA, and the NSA are individually offering tools and advice that aim to improve security for organizations. But will the targeted audience have the time and resources to accept that help?
Microsoft makes a bold move towards a password-less future - Microsoft envisions a password-less future. Password expert Per Thorsheim isn't so sure.
The best browsers for privacy and security - Every browser cares about your privacy and security, but some care about it more than others.
4 things you should know about testing AV software with VirusTotal’s free online multiscanner - SMBs looking to test their endpoint protection often turn to VirusTotal. Here's four reasons to be careful if you're doing that.

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