Recovering from romance scams with Cindy Liebes: Lock and Code S03E10 - This week on Lock and Code, we speak with Cindy Liebes about the financial and emotional damage caused by romance scams and how to spot them.
Why software has so many vulnerabilities, with Tanya Janca: Lock and Code S03E09 - Today on Lock and Code, we speak with returning guest Tanya Janca about why so much of our software comes packaged with vulnerabilities.
Why data protection and privacy are not the same, and why that matters: Lock and Code S03E09 - This week on Lock and Code, we speak with Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna about the differences between data protection and privacy.
Telling stories securely, with Runa Sandvik: Lock and Code S03E07 - On the Lock and Code podcast this week, host David Ruiz speaks with Runa Sandvik about how she helps reporters tell important stories securely and privately amongst many digital threats.
De-Googling Carey Parker’s (and your) life: Lock and Code S03E06 - This week on Lock and Code, we talk about taking the right steps to removing Google and its many services from your life.
How Crisis Text Line crossed the line in the public’s mind: Lock and Code S03E05 - This week on Lock and Code, we discuss Crisis Text Line's data-sharing agreement with its for-profit partner, which has upset many people.
The world’s most coveted spyware, Pegasus: Lock and Code S03E04 - This week on Lock and Code, we provide a deep dive into possibly the most powerful government spyware tool in the world, Pegasus.
How a few PhD students revealed that phishing trainings might just not work: Lock and Code S03E03 - This week on Lock and Code, with host David Ruiz, we discuss why immediate trainings for employees who fail phishing tests might not work.
Why we don’t patch, with Jess Dodson: Lock and Code S03E02 - On Lock and Code this week, we speak with security professional Jess Dodson about why patching is so difficult for so many organizations.

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