Why backups aren’t a “silver bullet” against ransomware, with Matt Crape: Lock and Code S02E17 - On Lock and Code this week, we speak with VMware technical account manager Matt Crape about backups, a complex defense to ransomware.
Hackers, tractors, and a few delayed actors. How hacker Sick Codes learned too much about John Deere: Lock and Code S02E16 - No one ever wants a group of hackers to say about their company: “We had the keys to the kingdom.” But that’s exactly what the hacker Sick Codes said on this week’s episode of Lock and Code, in speaking with host David Ruiz, when talking about his and fellow hackers’ efforts to peer into John...
Katie Moussouris hacked Clubhouse. Her emails went unanswered for weeks: Lock and Code S02E15 - On Lock and Code this week, we speak with Luta Security CEO and founder Katie Moussouris about how she hacked Clubhouse.
Disaster planning with Lesley Carhart, and the slim chance of a critical infrastructure “big one”: Lock and Code S02E14 - On Lock and Code this week, we speak with principal threat hunter Lesley Carhart about critical infrastructure cybersecurity.
“Seven or eight” zero-days: The failed race to fix Kaseya VSA, with Victor Gevers, Lock and Code S02E13 - Kaseya VSA had “seven or eight” zero-day vulnerabilities, revealed DIVD Chair Victor Gevers in the latest episode of Lock and Code.
Racing against a real-life ransomware attack, with Ski Kacoroski: Lock and Code S02E12 - This week on Lock and Code, we speak with Northshore School District systems administrator Ski Kacoroski about recovering from ransomware.
Want to stop ransomware attacks? Send the cybercriminals to jail, says Brian Honan: Lock and Code S02E11 - This week on Lock and Code, we speak to BH Consulting CEO Brian Honan about what can be done to stop today's frequent ransomware attacks.
Can two VPN “wrongs” make a right? Lock and Code S02E10 - In 2016, a mid-20s man began an intense, prolonged, digital harassment campaign against his new roommate. His VPNs helped put him in prison.
Shining a light on dark patterns with Carey Parker: Lock and Code S02E09 - This week on Lock and Code, we speak to cybersecurity expert and author Carey Parker about dark patterns, which can trick you online.

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