Here’s what data the FBI can get from WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal, Telegram, and more - A disclosed FBI training document reveals what information the FBI can potentially retrieve about your usage of an end to end encrypted instant messaging app.
Massive faceprint scraping company Clearview AI hauled over the coals - Clearview AI can expect to be fined up to $23 million for privacy infringements in the UK. The ICO has found the company failed to comply with UK data protection laws.
ICO challenges adtech to step up privacy protection - The Information Commissioner's Office has published an opinion asking for initiatives that address the privacy problems adtech
When renting a hitman online goes horribly wrong - We look at the long history of a site which claims to offer hitman services to the masses - with an inevitable twist in the tail.
FBI server hijacked to send up to 100,000 bogus attack mails - We look at a bogus FBI mail sent via a site error to as many as 100,000 recipients, and explain why you shouldn't worry if you received one.
Smart TV adverts put a wrinkle in your programming - We look at a story involving smart, internet connected televisions and an increasing amount of advertising in your living room.
Multiple video games break after domain name snafu - A number of video games stopped working at the weekend. We look at an expired domain which appears to be the cause of the problem.
Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, and the possible privacy and security concerns - We deep-dive into the possible privacy and security issues which may arise from the future launch of Facebook's Meta project.
Firefox reveals sponsored ad “suggestions” in search and address bar - Firefox Suggest will now deliver sponsored content

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