5 years for swatter who caused a man’s death for a Twitter handle - We look at the history of doxing and swatting, and talk about the most recent awful example of someone losing their life to this tactic.
Pegasus spyware has been here for years. We must stop ignoring it - The Pegasus Project revealed deeply concerning surveillance campaigns against activists and journalists. It's time for us to act.
ID theft ghouls targeting Surfside victims is appalling, but no surprise - We look at examples of scammers trying to steal the identity of the dead, and observe those same awful tactics still in use today.
DNS-over-HTTPS takes another small step towards global domination - The rise of encrypted DNS is as inevitable as it is slow. Next on the list of countries to get the benefit of Firefox's DoH is Canada.
SMS authentication code includes ad: a very bad idea - We look at a recent incident where a Google SMS authentication user encountered an add attached to the code sent out.
Is it game over for VR advergaming? - An ad trial in paid-for VR game Blaston has... not go well. Is it a temporary setback, or has Advergaming met its end-of-level boss?
Brave takes aim at Google with privacy-first search engine - Brave launched a new search engine Wednesday in beta that will not track user searches, build user profiles, or invade their privacy.
Working from home? You’re probably being spied on - Workplace surveillance is on the rise, and employers should expect pushback from their employees, according to a new survey.
Amazon Sidewalk starts sharing your WiFi tomorrow, thanks - Amazon Sidewalk is the latest example of a multibillion-dollar company changing its users' preferences without meaningful notification.

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