Prop 24 passes in California, will change data privacy law - Prop 24, which will change California's current data privacy law, received firm support in the Golden State this week, likely sailing into passage.
Charities and the advertising industry: data ecosystems and privacy risks - We take a look at a study which dives into the connection between popular UK based charity organisations and tracking, Real Time Bidding, and data analysis
Data Accountability and Transparency Act of 2020 looks beyond consent - The Data Accountability and Transparency Act proposes that, for American consumers, privacy shouldn't be a right you can click away.
TikTok is being discouraged and the app may be banned - Companies and organizations are dicouraging their employees to use TikTok, especially on work related devices. Will TikTok face a ban?
Bluetooth beacons: one free privacy debate with your next order - We take a look at Bluetooth beacons and their role behind the scenes in many real-world marketing campaigns—whether you're aware of it or not.
Facial recognition: tech giants take a step back - Some of the big players in the field of facial recognition announced they will not provide their technology to law enforcement while there is no governing law.
VPNs: should you use them? - We've been getting questions about VPNs that are more advanced than before. It isn't so much what a VPN is, as it is whether people should use them.
Data privacy law updates eyed by Singapore - Data privacy updates—including data portability and a data breach notification requirement—are being considered by Singapore's government.
VPNs are mainstream, which is good news - According to a recent report, the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) has been on a steady growth since 2017. During this coronavirus season, that growth has been palpable—but also unavoidable. Let’s dive in and see what the numbers tell us.

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