Virtual credit cards coming to Chrome: What you need to know - Google are introducing virtual credit cards to the Chrome browser for users of their services in the US. We take a look at what's in store.
Clearview AI banned from selling facial recognition data in the US - The facial recognition and surveillance company was sued for earning off the back of people's faceprints that were taken without consent.
Client side scanning may cost more than it delivers - On May 11, 2022, the EU will publicize a proposal for a law on mandatory chat control. Privacy advocates aren't happy.
How to remove Google from your life - Google and all its products can dominate the average person's life. Here's an in-depth guide on how to remove yourself from their ecosystem.
World Password Day: Brushing up on the basics - It's World Password Day! We take a look at the basic problems surrounding the humble password, and how to make it more secure.
“Reject All” cookie consent button is coming to European Google Search and YouTube - Soon, all countires in Europe, including the UK and Switzerland, will have the power to accept all and reject all cookies with a single click.
It’s legal to scrape public data—US appeals court - A US appeals court has ruled that scraping public data is legal. We look at some of the arguments for and against.
Beware tragic “my daughter died…” Facebook posts offering free PS5s - We take a look at multiple posts made to Facebook claiming to offer up a PS5 after the death of a loved one.
Apps removed from Google Play for harvesting user data - We take a look at a collection of apps which were all harvesting user data via an SDK promising

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