Gamers level up with rewards for better security - We look at some recent attempts by game developers to increase account security, by encouraging gamers to use tools such as 2FA.
WhatsApp calls and messages will break unless you share data with Facebook - WhatsApp will remove core functions for users who refuse to share some of their data with Facebook,  rendering the app useless for some.
Google to start automatically enrolling users in two-step verification “soon” - We look at Google's plans to enforce enrolment for certain Google accounts in the wake of World Password Day.
Signal app insists it’s so private it can’t provide subpoenaed call data - Signal told investigators it could not comply with a legal request for user records and communications because the records do not exist.
City fined for tracking its citizens via their phones - The Dutch city of Enschede has been fined for breaching GDPR with its Wi-Fi tracking.
Zoom deepfaker fools politicians…twice - We look at how a Deepfake campaign patched two Zoom calls through to politicians from two different governments.
How to choose the best VPN for you - VPNs are great for online privacy while gaming, streaming, or torrenting, but how do you choose the best VPN for you?
FBI face recognition trawl finds Capitol rioter via his girlfriend’s Instagram - We look at news of the FBI using facial recognition tools to track down one of the US capitol riot suspects.
Chrome users, here’s how to opt out of the Google FLoC trial - Google's FLoC trial will change how millions of users are tracked online. Here's how to find out if you're part of the trial, and how to opt out.

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