Data and device security for domestic abuse survivors - Many domestic abuse survivors need help before stalkerware strikes. Here, we give basic advice on device security and protecting sensitive data.
Facial recognition technology: force for good or privacy threat? - It seems facial recognition technology, as technology so often does, has raced far ahead of our ability to define its ethical use. We take a hard look at major concerns brewing in cities around the world.
Backdoors are a security vulnerability - Upset by their inability to access potentially vital evidence for criminal investigations, the federal government has, for years, pushed to convince tech companies to build backdoors that will, allegedly, only be used by law enforcement agencies. The problem, cybersecurity researchers say, is that those backdoors can easily be exploited by criminals.
Changing California’s privacy law: A snapshot at the support and opposition - Before the California Senate returns from its summer recess, we look at the authors, supporters, opponents, and donors involved in an extended fight to change California's privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act.
FaceApp scares point to larger data collection problems - The blowback against FaceApp—for which data the company can collect and how it can use that data—is a bit overblown. Countless American companies do the exact same thing today.
What should a US federal data privacy law ideally include? - What do small, privacy-protective companies think about a federal data privacy law for the US? It turns out, they're all for it. Here are some of their ideas for US data privacy legislation.
How to securely send your personal information - On its own, email is not safe for sending credit card or passport numbers. Here's how to securely send personal information over the Internet.
Smart cities, difficult choices: privacy and security on the grid - We take a look at Google's Sidewalk Labs woes with a planned smart city build in Toronto, and explore some of the general concerns about making our living spaces 24/7 Internet wonderlands.
Apple iOS 13 will better protect user privacy, but more could be done - Apple’s newest iOS features provide simple, easy-to-use options that can leave users more informed and more in control of their online privacy. But privacy experts agreed: Apple can—and should—go further.

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