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To pay, or not to pay? That is the VPN question - Should you pay for a VPN? We delve into the paid versus free VPN debate.
TikTok pays $92 million to end data theft lawsuit - TikTok has agreed to pay a hefty settlement, and to stop recording users' biometric and location data.
Romance scams: FTC reveals $304 million of heartache - The FTC's latest findings reveal that love is in the air for people up to no good.
Nude photo theft offers lessons in selfie security - We look at a story involving the theft of people's most sensitive data, and what you can do to secure yours.
What Google learned from 1  billion evil email scams - Google teamed up with researchers from Stanford University to analyse 5 months worth of mails. This is what they found.
How NOT to fail at PDF redaction - They had one job.
Would real identities make social media safer? - Questions of anonymity on social media are a talking point again. Making everyone use their real identities sounds good, but would it actually make things better?
Browser sync—what are the risks of turning it on? - Browser synchronization is a handy feature but it comes with a few risks. Here's what you should be asking yourself before you switch it on.

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