How social media platforms mine personal data for profit - We explore some of the ways social media use personal data to fuel advertising and keep the profits flowing.
GDPR: An impact around the world - Two years after GDPR became effective in the European Union, countries across the world have emulated its approach to data privacy. Here's a look at a few.
Bring your own privacy: VPNs for consumers and orgs - VPNs are all the rage, but they're not without their problems. Where do you stand on the great
Cyber tips for safe online dating: How to avoid privacy gaffs, exploits, and scams - We give advice on safe online dating, including steering clear of scams, buttoning up on privacy, and avoiding vulnerable apps.
Google Maps: online interventions with offline ramifications - We look at some of the ways people have gamed online mapping systems over the years.
Washington Privacy Act welcomed by corporate and nonprofit actors - The Washington Privacy Act would extend new data rights of access, correction, and deletion to Washington residents, with new rules on facial recognition.
Online privacy in 2019: a legislative review - Americans enjoy no federal rights to access their data, correct their data, easily move their data from one company to another, or individually sue a company that invades their private lives online. Several US Senators want to change that.
New Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act (COPRA) would empower American users - The Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act (COPRA) would give everyday Americans the right to sue a company that violated their privacy rights, extending enforcement capabilities directly to the public.
‘Data as property’ promises fix for privacy problems, but could deepen inequality - Data property supporters in the US argue that, through data payments, Americans could rebalance the relationship they have with the technology industry, giving them more control over their data privacy and putting some extra money in their pockets. But the cost to privacy, some say, is too high.

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