Parents and teachers believe digital surveillance of kids outweighs risks - A recent report from the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), reveals that parents and teachers have learned to accept surveillance in schools.
Google, geofence warrants, and you - We dig into geofence / keyword search warrants, where police request broad data near the scene of a crime - or not near a crime scene at all.
Apple releases emergency update: Patch, but don’t panic - Apple has released updates for iOS, MacOS, and WatchOS to combat an in-the-wild exploit called
That’s the way the cookie banner crumbles? - Eyeing a break with the GDPR, the UK has asked the G7 to consider the pernicious permission pop-up problem.
Facebook puts on Ray-Bans, struts into the privacy minefield of smart glasses - The first mainstream smart glasses, Google Glass, crashed and burned. Facebook's response: Hold my beer.
Gamers beware: The risks of Real Money Trading (RMT) explained - How real money trading (RMT) in games threatens your wallet, and your gaming account.
Tor vs VPN—What is the difference? - What's the difference between a VPN and Tor, and which is better?
ProtonMail hands user’s IP address and device info to police, showing the limits of private email - What can we expect from privacy-focused email if law enforcement come knocking?
Apple delays plans to search devices for child abuse imagery - The

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