Chrome extensions that lie about their permissions - Users have learned to review the list of permissions Chrome extensions require before installing them from the webstore. But what's the use if they lie to you?
Crack hunting: not all it’s cracked up to be - People sometimes ask us in the forums if a keygen or software crack is safe to use. In this post, we'll describe what happened when one of our researchers went crack hunting, and why it is often unsafe to carry out this activity.
Can search extensions keep your searches private? - A lot of search extensions have been marketed over the year claiming to protect online privacy. Are they worth installing? We take a look at what these plugins actually have to offer.
Winning the battle against PUPs on your computer and in court - This week, a United States District Court judge ruled in Malwarebytes' favor, dismissing a lawsuit brought against us by Enigma Software Group USA LLC (“Enigma”). Essentially, they sued us because we classified two of their software programs as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).
Adware the series, the final: Tools section - The final episode of our adware series talks specifically about the tools that we use in identifying adware and the places where it lurks on a system.
Adware the series, part 6 - In this part of the series, we are going to have a look at types of adware that are very hard to find and remove, like ADS, rootkits, and file-less infections.
Adware the series, part 5 - Part 5 of this adware series shows the reader how the can use Process Explorer to have a close look at other files that are interacting with a suspicious process.
Adware the series, part 4 - Adware loves to use Scheduled Tasks and Windows services as a timer to show you their advertisements at set intervals. This post tells you how to delete and disable them.
Adware the series, part 3 - Part 3 in this series deals with removing programs and files responsible for the unsolicited advertisements.

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