Clop stopped? Ransomware gang loses Tesla and other treasures in police raid - Clop ransomware activity was stopped by Ukrainian cops on Wednesday who shut down the ransomware gang's infrastructure and made arrests.
Another one bites the dust: Avaddon ransomware group shuts down operation - The gang behind Avaddon has shut down its operations after releasing more than 2,000 decryption keys to BleepingComputer.
How a Resident Evil image leaked in a ransomware attack ended up in the middle of $12m copyright claim - We look at a bizarre unintended consequence arising from a ransomware attack on game developer Capcom last November.
Steamship Authority answers question: Who’s the next ransomware victim? - Steamship Authority, a ferry service to the islands near Massachusetts, is the latest ransomware victim in logistics.
JBS says it is recovering quickly from a ransomware attack - JBS, one of the world's largest meat and poultry processors, suffered a ransomware attack that shut down some of their plants.
Threat spotlight: Conti, the ransomware used in the HSE healthcare attack - Conti ransomware has caught the world’s attention after being used in attacks against Ireland's public healthcare system.
Healthcare service faces test of willpower with Ransomware authors - A New Zealand health service has found itself under fire from ransomware authors leaking private medical data to the press.
Colonial Pipeline attack spurs new rules for critical infrastructure - The Colonial Pipeline attack has spurred the TSA to issue new cybersecurity rules for pipeline companies in the US, expected this week.
A doctor reveals the human cost of the HSE ransomware attack - A doctor working in the teeth of the HSE ransomware attack talks to Malwarebytes Labs about the toll on patients and medical staff.

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