Funke Media Group suffers nationwide ransomware attack in Germany - The German Funke Media Group has suffered a ransomware attack affecting several offices around the nation which is severely hindering the publisher's operations.
Threat profile: Egregor ransomware is making a name for itself - The Egregror ransomware is quickly making a name for itself by victimizing big corporations. How does it work and what is its background?
Baltimore gets hit by ransomware again, the schools this time - Baltimore County Public Schools have been paralyzed by a ransomware attack. The investigation is ongoing but meanwhile schools are closed.
RegretLocker, new ransomware, can encrypt Windows virtual hard disks - Cybersecurity researchers discovered a new ransomware called RegretLocker that can quickly encrypt virtual had disks on Windows machines.
Maze ransomware gang announces retirement - On November 1, the cybercriminals behind Maze ransomware announced their retirement. Is this a reason to go all out and celebrate? We're afraid not.
Hospital ransomware: Gangs are back to target healthcare - With some countries and states heading back in to lockdown due to rising rates of COVID-19 infections, it seems horrible timing that hospital ransomware is back in the news.
VideoBytes: Ransomware gets wasted! - On today's VideoBytes, we look at how ransomware is on the rise, attacking corporations with malware that not only encrypts files, but also steals it.
Chaos in a cup: When ransomware creeps into your smart coffee maker - This International Coffee Day, we looked at coffee machines that helped bring down a network of systems. Who would've guessed?
The face of tomorrow’s cybercrime: Deepfake ransomware explained - Deepfake ransomware is a mighty combination that several security experts fear would happen soon. But what is it exactly? Is it deepfake with a ransomware twist? Or ransomware with a sprinkling of deepfake tech?

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