Analysts “strongly believe” the Russian state colludes with ransomware gangs -
Ransomware turncoat leaks Conti data, lifts the lid on the ransomware business - An individual involved with the Conti ransomware gang decided to leak how-to documents and software for affiliates.
BlackMatter, a new ransomware group, claims link to DarkSide, REvil - BlackMatter is only one of a handful of new ransomware variants that started its operations not long ago.
CNA legal filings lift the curtain on a Phoenix CryptoLocker ransomware attack - According to CNA, the attack started when an employee downloaded a fake browser from a legitimate website.
Is crypto’s criminal rollercoaster approaching a terminal dip? - We look at whether the current environment will eventually become unsustainable for those wanting to exert others with ransomware.
3 things the Kaseya attack can teach us about ransomware recovery - Some lessons on dealing with ransomware recovery, thanks to the admirable transparency of a Dutch MSP impacted by the REvil attack on Kaseya.
Kaseya CEO: “The impact of this incredibly sophisticated attack is very minimal” - Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola gives us the facts in an emotionally charged video posted on the company's official YouTube channel.
Babuk ransomware builder leaked following muddled “retirement” - Heads are being scratched after the Babuk ransomware builder appears on VirtuTotal, adding to the gang's reputation for confusion.
City of Liège hit by ransomware, Ryuk suspected - Liège, the third largest city in Belgium and a major educational hub, has been hit by a ransomware attack.

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