College closes down after ransomware attack - Lincoln College is the first US college or university ransomware affected so badly that it could not cope and had to close shop.
Costa Rica continues defence against sustained Conti ransomware attacks - Costa Rica is doing everything it can to ward off persistent and overwhelming attacks from the Conti Ransomware group.
It’s business as usual for REvil ransomware - A sample of the new REvil ransomware was found in the wild, signaling that, yes, REvil has indeed come back.
FBI warns food and agriculture to brace for seasonal ransomware attacks - For the second time, the FBI has warned the food and agriculture sector about the risk of ransomware attacks.
Onyx ransomware destroys files, and also the criminal circle of trust - Onyx ransomware destroys files larger than 2MB leaving victims with tough questions about paying ransoms.
Conti ransomware offshoot targets Russian organizations - A new Conti variant was explicitly designed to target Russian organizations.
Hive ransomware impacts California non-profit health organisation - We look at a developing story where Hive ransomware has heavily impacted a non-profit healthcare organisation.
AvosLocker ransomware uses Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities, says FBI - The AvosLocker ransomware as a service affiliates have been found to target multiple critical infrastructure sectors, using Exchange Server vulnerabilities.
RagnarLocker ransomware gang breached 52 critical infrastructure organizations - The FBI says it has identified at least 52 entities across 10 critical infrastructure sectors affected by RagnarLocker ransomware.

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