Funke Media Group suffers nationwide ransomware attack in Germany - The German Funke Media Group has suffered a ransomware attack affecting several offices around the nation which is severely hindering the publisher's operations.
Baltimore gets hit by ransomware again, the schools this time - Baltimore County Public Schools have been paralyzed by a ransomware attack. The investigation is ongoing but meanwhile schools are closed.
Spotify resets some user logins after hacker database found floating online - The 380 million record database. didn't belong to Spotify itself, but instead to fraudsters who'd uploaded it.
SMB cybersecurity posture weakened by COVID-19, Labs report finds - In parsing the data for our August report on COVID-19, we learned that SMB cybersecurity faced many challenges, some of which are being unaddressed.
20 percent of organizations experienced breach due to remote worker, Labs report reveals - In Labs' latest report, Enduring From Home: COVID-19's Impact on Business Security, we look at responses from 200 IT professionals on how they handled the transition to WFH, what are their biggest cybersecurity concerns, and what are their plans for optimizing remote security in the future.
Coronavirus campaigns lead to surge in malware threats, Labs report finds - Our latest, special edition for our quarterly CTNT report focuses on recent, increased malware threats which all have one, big thing in common—using coronavirus as a lure.
Malwarebytes Labs releases 2020 State of Malware Report - The 2020 State of Malware Report reveals how cybercriminals upped the ante on businesses, Mac threats outpaced PCs, and ransomware continued its targeted, deadly assault with new families in 2019. Learn all this and more in the full report, linked in our blog.
Labs report finds cyberthreats against healthcare increasing while security circles the drain - In this special edition of our quarterly CTNT report, we focus on the top attack methods and threats plaguing the healthcare industry over the last year, plus highlight recurring security challenges and reasons why cybercriminals target patient data.
Labs quarterly report finds ransomware’s gone rampant against businesses - This quarter, we noticed one threat dominating the landscape so much it deserved its own hard look. Ransomware is back in a big way, targeting businesses with brute force.

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