MEGA claims it can’t decrypt your files. But someone’s managed to… - Swiss researchers debunked MEGA's claims that anyone that would be able to take over MEGA's infrastructure would still not have access to your information and files.
Stealthy Symbiote Linux malware is after financial institutions - Symbiote, the latest malware to hit Linux users, is a parasite more than anything. Protect against this banking credential stealer now!
It’s official, today you can say goodbye to Internet Explorer. Or can you? - Microsoft is ready to phase out Internet Explorer and will start the procedure today. Are you ready as well? And will it solve a lot of security issues?
Rotten apples banned from the App store - Apple's published some numbers about the number of apps blocked from getting into the App store, along with other security news from the WWDC
More than a quarter of Americans fell for robocall scam calls in past year - Robocalls and scam calls have been a longstanding problem. For 2021, the FTC has recorded its highest number of victims yet.
Is quantum teleportation the future of secure communications? - Dutch scientists have demonstrated the next step towards a quantum-based Internet that will make communications immediate and private
Massive increase in XorDDoS Linux malware in last six months - Malware attacks against Linux systems are on the rise. And when it comes to bot malware, XorDDoS is the frontrunner.
General Motors suffers credential stuffing attack - US car producer General Motors says its Rewards platform was the victim of a credential stuffing attack last month.
How COVID-19 fuelled a surge in malware - Research from Malwarebytes reveals an enormous, coronavirus-fuelled surge in malware detections in 2021.

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