CISA calls for urgent action against critical threats - CISA warns that every organization in the United States is at risk from cyberthreats that could disrupt essential services.
Cybercriminals’ friend shut down by law enforcement - VPN provider's infrastructure has been taken down by international law enforcement authorities after it was found to be servicing cybercriminals.
Hackers take over 1.1 million accounts by trying reused passwords - Credential stuffing has once again proven to be an effective method to gain access to accounts. What can users and organizations do?
Intercepting 2FA: Over 1200 man-in-the-middle phishing toolkits detected - Evolved phishing toolkits that can intercept 2FA codes are called man-in-the-middle (MiTM) phishing kits. And they're growing in popularity.
Logistics giant warns of scams following ransomware attack - Sadly, the dangers from ransomware don't end when the attack is stopped or the victim has recovered.
Police forces pipe 225 million pwned passwords into ‘Have I Been Pwned?’ - Law enforcement agencies like the FBI and NCA have injected hundreds of millions of unique passwords into Have I Been Pwned.
Grindr fined for selling user data to advertisers - Online dating app Grindr has been fined by Norwegian privacy watchdog Datatilsynet for sharing data with advertisers without proper consent.
Click “OK” to defeat MFA - A sophisticated threat actor has been using a very unsophisticated method to defeat multi-factor authentication.
Was threat actor KAX17 de-anonymizing the Tor network? - A threat actor was found to be running a high percentage of the Tor Network's servers. What were they up to? De-anonymizing users?

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