MSHTML attack targets Russian state rocket centre and interior ministry - Someone is trying to use CVE-2021-40444 against valuable Russian targets.
Analysts “strongly believe” the Russian state colludes with ransomware gangs -
Phishing campaign goes old school, dusts off Morse code - Sometimes new technology just doesn't get the job done.
Thief pulls off colossal, $600m crypto-robbery …and gives the money back - Customers of Poly Network have become victims of the biggest cryptocurrency heist in history, thanks to a software vulnerability.
Edge’s Super Duper Secure Mode benchmarked: How much speed would you trade for security? - The Microsoft Edge browser's Super Duper Secure Mode makes it more secure but slower. We measured how much greater security will cost you.
Beware password-spraying fancy bears - A collection of three- and four- letter agencies have issued a report about a sustained GRU operation against
Babuk ransomware builder leaked following muddled “retirement” - Heads are being scratched after the Babuk ransomware builder appears on VirtuTotal, adding to the gang's reputation for confusion.
Fired by algorithm: The future’s here and it’s a robot wearing a white collar - A Bloomberg investigation has revealed that Amazon Flex drivers are being evaluated, and in some cases fired, by algorithms.
Complicated Active Directory setups are undermining security - Researchers have found several flaws in the Active Directory Certificate Service that can lead to credential theft, privilege escalation, and domain persistence.

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