Coronavirus campaigns lead to surge in malware threats, Labs report finds - Our latest, special edition for our quarterly CTNT report focuses on recent, increased malware threats which all have one, big thing in common—using coronavirus as a lure.
Malwarebytes Labs releases 2020 State of Malware Report - The 2020 State of Malware Report reveals how cybercriminals upped the ante on businesses, Mac threats outpaced PCs, and ransomware continued its targeted, deadly assault with new families in 2019. Learn all this and more in the full report, linked in our blog.
Labs report finds cyberthreats against healthcare increasing while security circles the drain - In this special edition of our quarterly CTNT report, we focus on the top attack methods and threats plaguing the healthcare industry over the last year, plus highlight recurring security challenges and reasons why cybercriminals target patient data.
Labs quarterly report finds ransomware’s gone rampant against businesses - This quarter, we noticed one threat dominating the landscape so much it deserved its own hard look. Ransomware is back in a big way, targeting businesses with brute force.
Capital One breach exposes over 100 million credit card applications - The Capital One data breach is an exceptional example, if only because of how much we already know. Not only that, but the breach happened to one of the technical front-runners in banking.
Labs Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques report finds businesses hit with 235 percent more threats in Q1 - The Labs team discovered that businesses are being targeted with 235 percent more threats than the previous year. Download the report and find out which threats are revving up, and which are dying out.

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