Beware password-spraying fancy bears - A collection of three- and four- letter agencies have issued a report about a sustained GRU operation against
Babuk ransomware builder leaked following muddled “retirement” - Heads are being scratched after the Babuk ransomware builder appears on VirtuTotal, adding to the gang's reputation for confusion.
Fired by algorithm: The future’s here and it’s a robot wearing a white collar - A Bloomberg investigation has revealed that Amazon Flex drivers are being evaluated, and in some cases fired, by algorithms.
Complicated Active Directory setups are undermining security - Researchers have found several flaws in the Active Directory Certificate Service that can lead to credential theft, privilege escalation, and domain persistence.
Atomic research institute breached via VPN vulnerability - A North Korean APT group is thought to be behind a attack on the South Korean atomic energy research institute, KAERI.
Two Google plans that could make open source code more secure - Google has announced projects to ensure the integrity of open source supply chains, and to bring the Rust language to the Linux kernel
Jail for consultant who scraped colossal trove of Alibaba customer data - A baffling number of data points gathered by Alibaba were siphoned off by a marketing consultant to help other customers.
Russia accused of hacking Dutch police during MH17 investigation - Journalists in the Netherlands suspect that Russian group APT29 (Cozy Bear) breached Dutch Police systems looking for information about MH17.
800 arrests after police dupe crime groups into using backdoored phones - International law enforcement created a wildly popular encrypted messaging service for criminals. And then they listened in.

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