How to spot the signs of a virtual kidnap scam - Virtual kidnap attempts are big business for criminals. We offer some steps to minimise the risk of this awful attempt at fraud.
Canon printer owners: Be careful of bogus driver download sites - We look at reports of scams involving fake Canon printer drivers, non-existent downloads, and tech support scams.
$600 a week to wrap your car? It’s a scam - We take a look at continued reports of fake car wrap scams sent by SMS, mail, and phonecall. How does this one work?
OpenSea warns of Discord channel compromise - We take a look at reports that the Discord channel for the OpenSea NFT marketplace has been compromised and used to send out rogue links.
Steer clear of these Instagram “Get rich with Bitcoin” scams - We take a look at a message from an Instagram contact promising big wins in Bitcoin profits. Is it everything that it seems?
Steer clear of fake premium mobile app unlockers - Sites offering premium apps are popping up all over YouTube comments and elsewhere. Are they legit?
How Instagram scammers talk users out of their accounts - You won't believe what some account-takeover scammers say.
The $43 billion Business Email Compromise threat - We take a look at the latest FBI report on Business Email Compromise which reveals $43 billion in losses from 2016 to 2021.
Fake Cyberpunk Ape Executives target artists with malware-laden job offer - We look at a scam targeting artists around the world with a bogus, malware-laden offer from fake Cyberpunk Ape Executives.

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