“Free Steam game” scams on TikTok are Among Us - We look at a dubious free game offer via TikTok, and explore what the site owners expect you to do in order to snag a supposed freebie.
Discord scammers lure victims with promise of free Nitro subscriptions - We look at some Discord scams doing the rounds, and also provide some tips to help you avoid losing your account.
Italian mafia cybercrime sting leads to 100+ arrests - Europol has announced the successful arrest and dismantling of an organized crime ring that is said to have ties with the Italian mob.
Beware of COVID Pass scams - We take a look at an SMS scam claiming to offer up proof of COVID-19 vaccination in the form of a Covid Pass ...for a price
If a QR code leads you to a Bitcoin ATM at a gas station, it’s a scam - We look at a small flourishing of QR code scams, and cast an eye over some of the most interesting QR-related attacks of 2021.
Busted! Fraud-as-a-Service gang that sold 2FA-proof phishing arrested - Dutch police arrested members of a group calling themselves the Fraud Family for developing and selling phishing panels.
Judge drops hammer, dishes 7 years slammer for BEC and romance scammer - We look at the recent sentencing of a scammer dealing in both business email compromise and romance scams.
Hotel staff bust Hermes SMS scammer with suspiciously large number of cables - We look at a story involving a hotel, a lot of cables, and even more fake parcel delivery payment notifications sent to mobile numbers
Coronavirus phishing: “Welcome back to the office…” - We take a look at what promises to be a wave of coronavirus phishing emails claiming that offices are reopening post-pandemic.

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