Steam users: Don’t fall for the “I accidentally reported you” scam - Out of the blue, a Steam user tells you they've reported you for something you didn’t do, and your account is being suspended...
The human impact of a Royal Mail phishing scam - We look at the impact of a Royal Mail phishing scam as described by the victim, caught out not once but twice by the scammers.
Resident Evil 8 just the latest game plagued by fake demos and early access scams - We look at the rise in video game scams promising early access to upcoming titles, but delivering nothing but phishing and malware
Royal Mail scam says your parcel is waiting for delivery - We take a look at an SMS phishing messages which claims to have a parcel for you, with an unpaid shipping fee.
The many ways you can be scammed on Facebook, part II - Not everything on Facebook is a scam, thankfully, but there are some nasty ones that could potentially ruin the Yuletide season for you. Here are some tips on keeping safe.
Likely lead generation scam targets potential Malwarebytes MSP partners - A likely lead generation scam has been hitting potential Malwarebytes MSP partners, as fraudsters flood unsuspecting victims with repeated calls.
Buying COVID-19 vaccines from the Dark Web? No thanks! - Dark Web vendors are offering COVID-19 vaccines for sale. Here are the reasons why you shouldn't trust them.
Black Friday 2020: How to shop safely online - With the promise of a mostly online Black Friday 2020, we offer up some tips for keeping yourself safe over the upcoming sales frenzy.
QR code scams are making a comeback - With QR codes being used more as a means to help create a COVID-19 proof environment, we're also seeing a comeback of QR codes scams.

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