Busted! Fraud-as-a-Service gang that sold 2FA-proof phishing arrested - Dutch police arrested members of a group calling themselves the Fraud Family for developing and selling phishing panels.
Judge drops hammer, dishes 7 years slammer for BEC and romance scammer - We look at the recent sentencing of a scammer dealing in both business email compromise and romance scams.
Hotel staff bust Hermes SMS scammer with suspiciously large number of cables - We look at a story involving a hotel, a lot of cables, and even more fake parcel delivery payment notifications sent to mobile numbers
Coronavirus phishing: “Welcome back to the office…” - We take a look at what promises to be a wave of coronavirus phishing emails claiming that offices are reopening post-pandemic.
Royal Mail phish deploys evasion tricks to avoid analysis - We look at a Royal Mail phish which deploys multiple techniques to keep people from analysing a fake Royal Mail website.
Steam users: Don’t fall for the “I accidentally reported you” scam - Out of the blue, a Steam user tells you they've reported you for something you didn’t do, and your account is being suspended...
The human impact of a Royal Mail phishing scam - We look at the impact of a Royal Mail phishing scam as described by the victim, caught out not once but twice by the scammers.
Resident Evil 8 just the latest game plagued by fake demos and early access scams - We look at the rise in video game scams promising early access to upcoming titles, but delivering nothing but phishing and malware
Royal Mail scam says your parcel is waiting for delivery - We take a look at an SMS phishing messages which claims to have a parcel for you, with an unpaid shipping fee.

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