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The strangest cybersecurity events of 2020: a look back - In a year of unbridled strangeness, these are the strangest cybersecurity events that made us collectively say: “Wait… seriously?”
The most enticing cyberattacks of 2020 - These are the most enticing—or the most impossible-to-ignore—cyberattack lures and cyberattack capabilities of 2020. They can't be gone soon enough.
IoT cybersecurity bill passed by Senate - The US Senate passed a bill to improve security guidelines and protocols for Internet of Things devices purchased and owned by the Federal government.
Going dark: encryption and law enforcement - There's been a lot of talk recently about encryption and how law enforcement can't convict criminals without encryption keys. We beg to differ.
Switching from a “Just in Time” delivery system should include planning ahead - Switching from software defined perimeters, like those used in
Coronavirus impacts security conferences and events: check your schedule - We look at upcoming cancellations, postponements, and moves to virtual for security conferences in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
Would ‘Medicare for All’ help secure health data? - Beyond the usual arguments on this subject, we wanted to ask the question: Are there any security risks we need to be worried about if the United States were to switch to ‘Healthcare for All’ policies?
A week in security (October 21 – 27) - A look at the cybersecurity news from October 21 - 27 including Magecart, robocalls, doxing, stalkerware, ransomware, breaches, and much more.
Cybersecurity pros think the enemy is winning - Recent research from Malwarebytes, ISSA, and ESG find that security professionals have little confidence in their ability to prevent their organization from being breached. What's behind this mindset? And how can we turn the tide to stay a step ahead of the criminals?

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