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A scanning tool for open-sourced software packages? Yes, please! - OpenSSF recently introduced a dynamic analysis tool for all OSS packages when uploaded to open source repositories.
Over 50 countries sign the “Declaration for the Future of the Internet” - The US, EU member states, and other non-EU countries commit to this new internet declaration and encourage others to join.
Ukraine government and pro-Ukrainian sites hit by DDoS attacks - We can't tell which party made the first move, but both the pro-Ukraine and Russian sides have been exchanging DDoS attacks.
Pegasus spyware found on UK government office phone - The NSO Group's flagship spyware was found on a device in 10 Downing Street's network.
Cash App breached by a former employee could affect millions - Cash App is reaching out to its millions of US users regarding a breach of their data.
Anti-war open-source software developer targets Russians and Belarussians with “protestware” - Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought to life protestware. It's also beginning to ruin the open-source developer community.
How to protect RDP - RDP is still a popular target for attackers, so how do you keep your remote desktops safe?
DDoS barrage against Israel described as the “largest ever” cyberattack its faced - Israeli government websites crashed during a short bit powerful DDoS attack.
Google and Microsoft accused of feeding smaller search engines spam ads - Adtech researchers believe that Google and Microsoft are hoarding the best ads and flooding rival search engines with spam ads.

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