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Slack hurries to fix direct message flaw that allowed harassment - Slack quickly reversed course yesterday, promising to revise a brand-new direct message feature that could have been misused for harassment.
Safe Connections Act could help domestic abuse survivors take control of their digital lives - The Safe Connections Act could help domestic abuse and sex trafficking survivors—including those tracked by stalkerware-type applications.
Why Data Privacy Day matters - For Data Privacy Day this year, Malwarebytes explains why data privacy matters for everyone, because privacy is core to a safer Internet.
The strangest cybersecurity events of 2020: a look back - In a year of unbridled strangeness, these are the strangest cybersecurity events that made us collectively say: “Wait… seriously?”
The most enticing cyberattacks of 2020 - These are the most enticing—or the most impossible-to-ignore—cyberattack lures and cyberattack capabilities of 2020. They can't be gone soon enough.
IoT cybersecurity bill passed by Senate - The US Senate passed a bill to improve security guidelines and protocols for Internet of Things devices purchased and owned by the Federal government.
Going dark: encryption and law enforcement - There's been a lot of talk recently about encryption and how law enforcement can't convict criminals without encryption keys. We beg to differ.
Switching from a “Just in Time” delivery system should include planning ahead - Switching from software defined perimeters, like those used in
Coronavirus impacts security conferences and events: check your schedule - We look at upcoming cancellations, postponements, and moves to virtual for security conferences in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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