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WhatsApp hit with €225 million fine for GDPR violations - WhatsApp was hit with a €225 million fine for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the second-highest GDPR fine ever.
Microsoft exec reveals “routine” secrecy orders from government investigators - Microsoft exec Tom Burt revealed Wednesday that Federal law enforcement agencies send “routine” secret orders for customer information.
MITRE introduces D3FEND framework - The NSA is funding a new MITRE knowledge base called D3FEND, a defensive counterpoint to the ATT&CK framework.
Two Google plans that could make open source code more secure - Google has announced projects to ensure the integrity of open source supply chains, and to bring the Rust language to the Linux kernel
Colonial Pipeline attack spurs new rules for critical infrastructure - The Colonial Pipeline attack has spurred the TSA to issue new cybersecurity rules for pipeline companies in the US, expected this week.
Colonial Pipeline attack expected to trigger imminent hardening of cybersecurity rules for federal agencies - Colonial Pipeline's ransomware attack caused the White House to possibly refine a planned Executive Order on cybersecurity.
Interview with a bug bounty hunter: Youssef Sammouda - Youssef Sammouda is a bug bounty hunter with 100 resolved Facebook reports to his name. We interviewed him about his amazing work.
Slack hurries to fix direct message flaw that allowed harassment - Slack quickly reversed course yesterday, promising to revise a brand-new direct message feature that could have been misused for harassment.
Safe Connections Act could help domestic abuse survivors take control of their digital lives - The Safe Connections Act could help domestic abuse and sex trafficking survivors—including those tracked by stalkerware-type applications.

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