How to protect RDP - RDP is still a popular target for attackers, so how do you keep your remote desktops safe?
Compromising vital infrastructure: water management - Water management is an essential part of our infrastructure. Loss of it can lead to service outages, diseases, and famine. So the cybersecurity should be top notch.
Tackling the shortage in skilled IT staff: whole team security - Is whole-team-security, or empowering tech-savvy volunteers to help, a good solution to the shortage of skilled IT staff? It could be, if you keep certain ground rules in mind.
Compromising vital infrastructure: communication - In the series about vital infrastructure we look at communication. How vital is it? How is malware a threat and even how does malware show us the way to secure communication?
Houzz data breach: Why informing your customers is the right call - Online renovation and design platform Houzz suffered a data breach—not good. Their subsequent response, however, was exemplary. Here's how other businesses can learn from their example.
Using the blockchain to create secure backups - Some of the properties we would like to see in our backups have blockchain technology written all over them. Should organizations consider blockchain for creating secure, recent backups—especially after a ransomware attack?
Compromising vital infrastructure: the power grid - How are we doing at protecting the vital infrastructure of our power grid and its components against physical and cyberattacks?
Marriott breach impacts 500 million customers: here’s what to do about it - Marriott disclosed a large-scale data breach impacting up to 500 million customers who have stayed at a Starwood-branded hotel within the last four years.
Compromising vital infrastructure: air traffic control - The aviation industry and air traffic (control) are vital elements of our infrastructure. While flying is reportedly safe, how does that landscape look cybersecurity-wise?

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