Prometheus ransomware’s flaws inspired researchers to try to build a near-universal decryption tool - Prometheus ransomware contained a weak random number generator that inspired researchers to try and build a one-size-fits-all decryptor.
Badgelife: A Defcon 26 retrospective - Another year, another Defcon. In this retrospective, we take a look at the crown jewel of Defcon swag: badges. Reminisce with us about the coolest badges ever made and traded.
Exploring the virtual worlds of advergaming - With a spot of tracking-related controversy ruffling feathers in gaming circles, now is a good time to become familiar with some of the advertising methods used for, and in, video games. Ladies and gents, welcome to advergaming.
WPA3 will secure Wi-Fi connections in four significant ways in 2018 - At CES this week, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced WPA3, the newest security protocol for Wi-Fi devices. WPA3 includes four new security capabilities and is the most significant upgrade to Wi-Fi security since 2004.
An IRISSCON 2017 roundup - Last week, researcher Chris Boyd gave a talk at Ireland's longest running security event: IRISSCON. This post contains links to many of the top-rated talks from the event, along with links to additional content.
IRISSCON security conference comes to Dublin in November - IRISSCON is coming to Dublin, Ireland in November. Will you be attending one of the best security conferences around?
Exhibition: it-sa Nuremberg - Malwarebytes attends it-sa in Germany—Europe’s largest expo for IT security. Post written in English and German.
BSides Manchester: Malvertising – under the hood - Researcher Chris Boyd gave a talk at BSides Manchester on the subject of malvertising, and we have the full thing in video format for you to watch.
DEFCON 25 - A quick overview of several interesting talks at DEF CON 25, the hacking conference that was held in Las Vegas July 27-30, 2017

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