Pegasus spyware found on UK government office phone - The NSO Group's flagship spyware was found on a device in 10 Downing Street's network.
Google and Facebook fined $240 million for making cookies hard to refuse - French privacy watchdog CNIL has fined Google and Facebook for making it much harder to refuse cookies than it is to accept them.
Why Data Privacy Week matters - For Data Privacy Week this year, Malwarebytes explains why data privacy matters for everyone, because privacy is core to a safer Internet.
Going dark: encryption and law enforcement - There's been a lot of talk recently about encryption and how law enforcement can't convict criminals without encryption keys. We beg to differ.
Would ‘Medicare for All’ help secure health data? - Beyond the usual arguments on this subject, we wanted to ask the question: Are there any security risks we need to be worried about if the United States were to switch to ‘Healthcare for All’ policies?
The top six takeaways for corporate data privacy compliance - Here are Labs' top six takeaways from our data privacy and cybersecurity law series on corporate data privacy compliance. From emerging startups to burgeoning enterprises, these rules help not just with legal liability, but also user trust.
Mozilla urges Apple to make privacy a team sport - Mozilla is currently pushing Apple into placing extra barriers between iPhone users and online advertisers. Why? Because, according to Mozilla, it could work, which could benefit users everywhere.
Consumers have few legal options for protecting privacy - Amidst never-ending headlines about data breaches, data misuse, and opaque data-sharing agreements from major companies, users have few legal options to actually protect their privacy in court. Instead, they rely on technology.
What is personal information? Or personally identifiable information? In legal terms, it depends - What exactly is the

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