Social engineering

New social engineering toolkit draws inspiration from previous web campaigns - We discovered a web social engineering toolkit that allows crooks to create fake update notification campaigns on both desktop and mobile in up to 30 different languages.
Good Twitter Samaritans accidentally prevent shoeshine scam - We take a look at how a shoeshine scam nearly took place in real life—until people online trying to help in one way, ended up assisting in quite another.
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 investigation shows Russian disinformation campaigns have global reach - In June, investigators released a warrant to arrest Russian and Ukrainian nationals for shooting down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. However, Russian disinformation campaigns have spread about the true cause of the fight's demise. How can we separate fact from fiction and protect against fake news?
Fresh “video games” site welcomes new users with Steam phish - A recent Steam phishing campaign caught our eye, but looking deeper, we found it's been around for a few months. We investigate the phish to show users how to spot the telltale signs of social engineering.
Trolls abuse Twitter Lists to collate their targets - Twitter, like any social network, is faced with the challenge of addressing cyberbullying. And trolls have been abusing the platform’s Lists feature to home in on targets. But have no fear: There are ways to protect users from social attacks, and Twitter is moving to make itself a safer place.

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