Social engineering

Criminals are applying for remote work using deepfake and stolen identities, says FBI - The FBI has warned businesses of an uptick in reports of criminals applying for remote work using deepfake and stolen PII.
LGBTQ+ community targeted by extortionists who threaten to publish nudes - The FTC has issued a warning to the LGBTQ+ community about extortionists posing as potential romantic partners on Grindr and Feeld.
Police seize and dismantle massive phishing operation - Europol, the Belgian police, and the Dutch police, have apprehended members of a cybercriminal gang involved in phishing and other fraud.
Watch out for the email that says “You have a new voicemail!” - An email campaign lures users with a voicemail notification to enter their Office 365 credentials on a fake login page.
WhatsApp accounts hijacked by call forwarding - Threat actors are using a new method to take over WhatsApp accounts. It starts with tricking the victim into forwarding their calls.
Intuit phish says “we have put a temporary hold on your account” - Intuit warns of a phishing email telling customers to validate their account to clear a temporary hold.
Watch out! Tinder and Grindr users targeted by cruel scammers using real abuse photos - Scammers are trawling dating apps again. But they're not out to capture hearts but personal details—and your money, of course.
Long lost @ symbol gets new life obscuring malicious URLs - A little-used feature of web addresses is being used to obfuscate malicious phishing URLs.
State-backed hacking group from China is targeting the Russian military - Chinese state-sponsored actors have been caught red-handed trying to extract intelligence from Russians via a guard camp close to their border.

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