Social engineering

FIFA 22 phishers tackle customer support with social engineering - We look at a phishing scam where the victims were customer support reps tricked into handing over control of player's accounts.
Careful! Uber flaw allows anyone to send an email from - Uber didn’t think that this is much of a problem, even though several researchers already raised the grave possibility of phishing.
Instagram’s memorialize feature abused to memorialize…Instagram’s boss - You may have seen the accounts of deceased social media users hijacked - but have you seen someone alive have an account flagged as deceased?
Telegram-powered bots circumvent 2FA - Researchers have found bots in Telegram that provide fraud support to other criminals and even bypass certain 2FA methods.
No, Colonel Gaddafi’s daughter isn’t emailing to give you untold riches -
Sextortion on the rise, warns FBI - The pandemic saw a surge in sextortion cases in 2020. Fast forward 12 months, and the numbers continue to rise significantly.
Microsoft warns about phishing campaign using open redirects - Microsoft warned about a massive credential phishing campaign using open redirects. Here's how you can recognize these phishing mails.
How to spot a DocuSign phish and what to do about it - Phishing scammers love well known brand names, particularly if you're expecting to hear from them.
Crypto-scams you should be steering clear of in 2021 - We look at the most common cryptocurrency scams of 2021, explain the risks, and highlight some of the warning signs.

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