Say hello to Baldr, a new stealer on the market - Baldr is a new stealer that is being actively developed and distributed. Will it be able to compete in this crowded arena?
Plugin vulnerabilities exploited in traffic monetization schemes - The latest round of vulnerable WordPress plugins leads to an active traffic monetization campaign via hacked websites.
The Advanced Persistent Threat files: Lazarus Group - Lazarus Group, the threat actors likely behind the Sony breach and WannaCry outbreak, are in the news again. Here's what you need to know about this North Korean organization, and what you should do to protect against such nation-state attacks.
The Advanced Persistent Threat Files: APT1 - Next up in the Advanced Persistent Threat Files: APT1, a unit of the People's Liberation Army of China known for wide-scale and high-volume data collection on mostly English-speaking companies.
Vidar and GandCrab: stealer and ransomware combo observed in the wild - Threat actors combine new stealer Vidar and GandCrab ransomware in one-two punch.
Web skimmers compete in Umbro Brasil hack - In this web skimming match between two Magecart groups, there can only be one winner.
Internet Shortcut used in Necurs malspam campaign - The Necurs gang tries out a new trick to load malware and bypass security defenses.
Massive DDoS attack washes over GitHub - We take a look at the colossal DDoS attack on GitHub, the largest-ever on record. How did threat actors do it, and what can companies do to protect against it?
Tech support scams, stolen data, and botnets - We’ve found a scam in a box company that also offers intelligence leads. That is, they’ll sell you the scam and point you at the most vulnerable targets first.

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