Cleaning up after Emotet: the law enforcement file - Following global law enforcement action to take over the Emotet botnet, a special update is being sent to clean up infected machines.
German users targeted with Gootkit banker or REvil ransomware - After a noted absence, the Gootkit banking Trojan returns en masse to hit Germany. In an interesting twist, some of the victims may receive ransomware instead.
Release the Kraken: Fileless injection into Windows Error Reporting service - We discovered a new attack that injected its payload—dubbed
Malspam campaign caught using GuLoader after service relaunch - We discovered a spam campaign distributing GuLoader in the aftermath of the service's relaunch
Multi-stage APT attack drops Cobalt Strike using Malleable C2 feature - A newly discovered APT spear-phishing attack implements several evasion techniques to drop Cobalt Strike toolkit.
New LNK attack tied to Higaisa APT discovered - We describe a new spearphishing campaign tied to the potential North Korean Higaisa APT group.
Shining a light on “Silent Night” Zloader/Zbot - The latest Malwarebytes Threat Intel report focuses on Silent Night, a new banking Trojan recently tracked as Zloader/Zbot.
New Mac variant of Lazarus Dacls RAT distributed via Trojanized 2FA app - The Lazarus group improves their toolset with a new RAT specifically designed for the Mac.
Threat spotlight: CrySIS, aka Dharma ransomware, causing a crisis for businesses - CrySIS, aka Dharma, is a ransomware family making waves over the last two months, often being used in targeted attacks through RDP access. What other tricks are up its sleeve?

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