Social engineering

Don’t let scammers ruin your Valentine’s Day - No matter the occasion, you can always count on scammers to show up.
Retrohunting APT37: North Korean APT used VBA self decode technique to inject RokRat - A North Korean threat group has swapped the usual Hangul Office lures for a cleverly packed Office macro.
Sophisticated phishing: a roundup of noteworthy campaigns - A phishing page that hides behind a translation service. A kit that uses fake font files. A hyper-realistic campaign that could likely fool even the pros. We look at these noteworthy phishing attempts and more to show how far phishers have evolved, and remind users to remain vigilant against this threat.
Are Deepfakes coming to a scam near you? - Deepfake is a machine learning technique that is capable of perfect imitations of facial expressions in videos. Will adding voice imitations to them lead to the perfect scam?
Browlock flies under the radar with complete obfuscation - A new browlock (browser locker) steps up the game once more with soup to nuts obfuscation. Learn more about how it works and what you can do to protect against it.
Scammers use old browser trick to create fake virus download - A file downloaded to your computer says it's a virus but turns out to just be a ploy used by tech support scammers.
Mass WordPress compromises redirect to tech support scams - Thousands of WordPress sites have been injected with the same malicious redirection. We review the infection details and the malicious traffic leading to browser lockers.
Instagram story spam claims free Apple Watch - We take a look at Instagram story spam leading to a
Netflix phish claims your membership is on hold - We take a look at a new Netflix phish in circulation, using the time-honored trick of claiming the recipient is about to lose access unless they hand over some personal information.

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