New iPhone malware spies via camera when device appears off - NoReboot is an iOS Trojan that spies on people and makes users believe that a device is turned off when it's not.
Purple Fox rootkit now bundled with Telegram installer - The Purple Fox malware family has been found to combine its payload with trusted apps in an interesting way.
Emotet’s back and it isn’t wasting any time - The world's most notorious malware is back and it's growing fast. What are researchers seeing and what does it mean?
SharkBot Android banking Trojan cleans users out - Researchers have found a new Android banking Trojan that has frightening capabilities. It uses Automatic Transfer Systems (ATS) to transfer your funds away.
FoggyWeb, analysis of a Nobelium backdoor - FoggyWeb is a highly targeted backdoor that is in use by the Nobellium group targeting Active Directory Federation Services servers.
Perkiler malware turns to SMB brute force to spread - Perkiler is now using SMB brute force attacks to spread. Which is not a new concept, but why attack SMB instead of RDP?
It’s baaaack: Public cyber enemy Emotet has returned - After a four-month absence, Emotet has returned to spam victims once again.
TrickBot adds new trick to its arsenal: tampering with trusted texts - TrickBot's latest feature allows it to tamper with the web sessions of users from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint mobile carriers.
Trojans, ransomware dominate 2018–2019 education threat landscape - Trojans such as Emotet and TrickBot were the top threat for the education sector in the 2018–2019 school year. What threats will the new school year bring?

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