Vital infrastructure

Cyberattacks on SATCOM networks attributed to Russian threat actors - CISA and the FBI are sharing information about the US attribution of cyberattacks on SATCOM networks that targeted Ukraine but spilled over into other European countries.
FBI warns food and agriculture to brace for seasonal ransomware attacks - For the second time, the FBI has warned the food and agriculture sector about the risk of ransomware attacks.
US warns of APT groups that can “gain full system access” to some industrial control systems - Federal agencies have discovered tools created by a nation-state actor to compromise US critical infrastructure.
Satellites are critical infrastructure and need to be cybersecured - Satellites have become a main link in communications, and given some recent events it has become clear why we consider them to be critical infrastructure.
[updated]Cyberattack on fuel supplier causes supply chain disruption - A cyber attack interrupted the supply chain for thousand of gas stations in Germany. Alternatives had to be found when the automated loading systems for the supply trucks were disabled.
China’s RedEcho accused of  targeting India’s power grids - RedEcho allegedly penetrated a number of organizations, including some of those responsible for ensuring the optimum scheduling and dispatching of electricity
Healthcare security update: death by ransomware, what’s next? - Cybersecurity in the healthcare industry has always been a pain point. With a ransomware attack leading to a fatal victim we have reached a new low. What can we do to cure this problem?
The impact of COVID-19 on healthcare cybersecurity - COVID-19 has put incredible pressure on the healthcare sector. How did the pandemic impact healthcare cybersecurity?
Biotech health care innovations meet security challenges - Advancements in biotech could save thousands, if not millions of lives. But what security and privacy challenges do they introduce? We take a close look at recent innovations.

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