Web threats

Card skimmers strike Sotheby’s in Brightcove supply chain attack - Web skimmers gained access to a cloud video platform and used that access to perform a supply chain attack on Sotheby real estate sites.
Has your WordPress site been backdoored by a skimmer? - There are threat actors active that plant backdoors on websites so their malicious code does not get wiped with the next update.
Beware card skimmers this Black Friday - Small and medium-sized retailers are being urged to protect their customers and profits as we plunge into the year's busiest shopping days.
How to defend your website against card skimmers - With Black Friday just around the corner, retail websites can expect a lot of interest from cybercriminals with card skimmers.
Adblocker promises to blocks ads, injects them instead - Researchers uncovered an ad injection campaign based on browser extensions that promise to block advertisements. And they do.
Cryptomining containers caught coining cryptocurrency covertly - Research has uncovered 30 compromised images in 10 different Docker Hub accounts, representing over 20 million pulls.
Scammers, profiteers, and shady sites? It must be tax season - With tax season around the corner, an aggressive campaign caught our attention and we decided to investigate.
Brute force attacks increase due to more open RDP ports - More open ports are inviting attackers to try and gain entry by using brute force attacks. Why is this happening and what can we do?
Mobile network operator falls into the hands of Fullz House criminal group - The Fullz House threat group has struck again, this time inserting a credit card skimmer into a mobile phone operator and seller.

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