Web threats

Cryptomining containers caught coining cryptocurrency covertly - Research has uncovered 30 compromised images in 10 different Docker Hub accounts, representing over 20 million pulls.
Scammers, profiteers, and shady sites? It must be tax season - With tax season around the corner, an aggressive campaign caught our attention and we decided to investigate.
Brute force attacks increase due to more open RDP ports - More open ports are inviting attackers to try and gain entry by using brute force attacks. Why is this happening and what can we do?
Mobile network operator falls into the hands of Fullz House criminal group - The Fullz House threat group has struck again, this time inserting a credit card skimmer into a mobile phone operator and seller.
New web skimmer steals credit card data, sends to crooks via Telegram - Criminals steal payment data from online shoppers by abusing the Telegram instant messaging API, inserting credit card skimming code.
6 ways hackers are targeting retail businesses - Whether it's a high-volume shopping season or not, retail businesses are at risk from cybercriminals in a number of ways. Learn how hackers target retailers and shoppers alike.
There’s an app for that: web skimmers found on PaaS Heroku - Cybercriminals are abusing platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud provider Heroku to build web skimming apps and steal customer data.
Web skimmer phishes credit card data via rogue payment service platform - Threat actors combine phishing with a web skimmer to create a devious scheme designed to lift credit card data from unaware shoppers.
Study explores clickjacking problem across top Alexa-ranked websites - We look at recent research exploring the threat of clickjacking, along with other solutions considered by site owners and analysts for protecting users against these online attacks.

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