Short Bio

PUP.Optional.Conduit refers to an online platform that allowed Web publishers to create custom toolbars and apps at no cost. Conduit toolbars may change user and/or browser settings, display advertising leading to other known PUPs, and cause the overall speed of the computer to diminish.

Conduit was demerged to Israeli-based Perion, and the company ceased toolbar operations in 2014.



Conduit was more of the widely encountered toolbars of the time.

While the impact of this PUP has diminished with the dissolution of the Conduit brand, detections may remain on legacy systems.

Common Infection Method

The most common method if infection by this threat is through bundled software.

Avoidance Advice


Malwarebytes completely removes this threat. However, there may be some leftovers you might need to clean up. These guides will assist in you in completely removing everything:

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