Short bio

PUP.Optional.MorePowerfulCleaner is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), specifically a system optimizer that is promoted as software to speed up users’ Windows systems by cleaning out junk files and doing some “smart balancing”. It also promises to improve your internet connection by speeding it up, blocking ads and smart monitoring.

The overall goal of this PUP is to increase the amount of advertisement impressions shown to the user. This is done by hijacking the browser’s Start page and advertising based on the affected system’s geolocation.

Their EULA and Privacy Policy are worth reading thoroughly before you sign up.

Common infection method

PUP.Optional.MorePowerfulCleaner installers can either be downloaded from their website or be found in several software bundles. The installer from the official site and the one found in bundles behave differently. For example, the former performs no Start page hijacking and drops less icons on user desktops.

Avoidance advice: